WW1 War Badges & Single Stars



Silver War Badge :


  1. Numbered No 58766. With copy of SWB Roll showing Geo. Walter Cooper, Regtl No. 19526, enlisted June 1915 and discharged Sept 1916 due to sickness. He served overseas. He may of enlisted more than once as there are a few MIC's for this name, 2 for the Essex Regiment and both discharged due to sickness at different times. $55

  2. Numbered 117096 with copy of roll showing awarded to L/Cpl Albert Barber, 1/8th Essex Cyclists, served 5/5/09 to 5/7/15 discharged due to sickness. (No overseas service) Scarce to unit. VF $75

  3. WW1 Silver War Badge No 95372 to 9144 Pte G. Cowen S. Lancs Regt, with copied roll, showing awarded for sickness in India, George Cowen served Dec 1908-May 1915 in 1st Battalion. VF, edge bruise. $50
  4. B118874 - A/Sgt. John Nicholl McLean Watson - Served May 1915-Jan 1919 RFA - MIC, awarded a BWM only despite the LCC Record of War Service stating that he served 2 years in France. Toned VF, $40

1914 Stars


  1. 8484 Sjt T E Gray 2/York R. - Died of Wounds 23/10/1914 and rests at Ypres Town cemetery  VF - $250 
  2. 6229 Pte A King 2/Essex R. -  GVF $160
  3. 323 Pte J Buckley 2/Manch R, James - can supply an e-copy of the MIC, 27/8/14 qualifying date -VF $160
  4. 696 Pte. N. Lapsley 2/Sea. Highrs. KIA 23/10/1916, Thiepval Memorial, GVF $300
  5. 47900 GNR. W. McKAY R.F.A. - With copy of MIC and service papers, First name William, He was from Johannesburg, SA. Was awarded the Military Medal, served with 22nd and 24th Brigades, 56th, 112th and 104th Batteries, RFA. - NEF. Original ribbon, $200.
  6. 3-8635 PTE. F. RUTHERFORD. 2/YORK: R. MIC gives first name Frederick. - GVF - $160


1914-15 Stars :-


    1. Burg. L. J. Erasmus, Lydenburg Kdo. EF $80
    2. Burg. S. B. Spiro, Ermelo Cmd. EF $80
    3. Burg. J. F. du Toit, Marico Kdo. EF $80
    4. Dvr. R. J. Moulton, S.A.S.C-M. T. EF - $40 - SOLD
    5. Pte. W. P. Carroll, 11th Infantry GVF $45
    6. Sjt. C. B. Wilke, Graaff Reinet Kdo. VF $90
    7. Pte. R. Collins, Pietersburb (sic) Cdo. - 1 letter lightly struck GVF $80
    8. Burg. J. J. Pienar, Womstd. Kdo. EF $80
    9. Pte A. E. Mason Ntl. Light Hse. - GVF, original ribbon  $65
    10. Cpl. M. L. Levitt, S.A.S.C. SUPPLIES GVF $40
    12. Pte. G. H. Mathieson, 12th Infantry, EF $50
    13. Burg. S. B. van Dyk, Heidelberg Kdo. EF $80
    14. Pte. J.S. Kitching Enslin’s Hse. VF short ribbon $75
    15. Pte. E. Elias 12th Infantry VF  short ribbon $45
    16. Pte J. Lipvan, 12th M.R.   GVF scratch on the back, $45
    17. No. 2700 Sepoy Saidmat Shah, 82/Punjabis, VF $45
    18. No. 1070 Nk. Lall Khan, 1/33/Punjabis VF $45
    19. No. 4828 Sepoy Khuda Dad, 1/30/Punjabis GVF $45
    20. No. 2657 Sepoy Jahan Khan, 1/91/Punjabis VF $45
    21. No. 346 Sepoy Sharin. 1/27/Punjabis VF $45
    22. No. 1074 Sepoy Panlwan. 127 Baluch. L.I. - VF, (blunting to tips) - $40
    23. Pte. K.A. Gordon 5th Infanty. EF, Gilded  - $48
    24. Clr. Sjt. B. Rainer 4th Infantry GVF $55
    25. 8545 Pte. B. Gardiner. 2 Can. Inf. (Attested Valcartier September 1914, Farmer from Ontario, pre-war Militia member.) - VF $100
    26. 2949 Pte. H. Bennett (Herbert, MIC shows 9th Bn. Manchester Regiment, Balkans Theatre), VF $50
    27. Pte. W. O. Van Waltsleben Grff Reinet Cdo GVF $80
    28. 3277. PTE. W. JEFFERY, W. RID. R. VF $50
    29. 414478 Pte. F. Johnson. 13/Can. Inf. (LAC gives Frederick Thompson alias Frederick Nelson, so a mystery). VF, short piece of ribbon, $100 
    30. 11717 PTE. R. LITTLE. R. SC: FUS: VF Lacquered, ribbon needs replacing. Robert Little, served 6th Bn, awarded a SWB. $55
    31. 14481 L.CPL. W.J. STACEY. WILTS: R. (William on MIC) - VF, $50
    32. 2/LT. T.B. BERRY. 2ND INFANTRY. With award slip for SWB to him as a Captain, Royal Engineers, with Box of issue, (damaged) and envelope for Star - EF - $80
    33. G-1326 L CPL C V WOOD E. KENT R. - Charles Victor Wood served with the 8th battalion The East Kent Regiment and was killed in action on 26th September 1915, he is commemorated on the Loos memorial. - GVF with long silk original ribbon.  $120
    34. LT. A.S. LITTLE R.N.V.R. - Algenon Sydney - From South Africa, wife in Natal. He is on Navy List for 1917 on HMS Anzac, a Minesweeping Trawler. - VF - $100
    35. ASST. PAYMR. H.C. SARGENT. R.N.R. Henry Charles, 1916 Navy List show served on HMS Talbot, a Light Cruiser (served at Gallipoli), 1919 Navy List shows HM Orion (Battleship). NVF Polished, $95
    36. 7-2850 PTE. M. HALL. NORTH'D FUS. Matthew Hall was KIA 24/12/15 serving with 1st/7th Battalion Territorials and is buried at Railway Dugouts Cemetery. - GVF on long original, dirty ribbon. $120
    37. 2238 Pte. A. Spong. Leic: R. - Albert Edwin Spong was born in Belgrave, Leicestershire, in 1886 and attested for the Leicestershire Regiment at Leicester on 10 August 1914, having previously served with the Militia. He served with the 1st/4th Battalion during the Great War on the Western Front from 2 March 1915, and was wounded by gun shot to the head on 2 May 1915. He was subsequently killed in action at the Hohenzollern Redoubt during the Battle of Loos on 13 October 1915, on which date the battalion suffered total casualties of 20 officers and 453 other ranks killed. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Loos Memorial. - NEF - $130
    38. Lieut. J. B. Andrews. R. Scots. - J. B. Andrews was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Royal Scots and served with the 4th Battalion during the Great War in the Gallipoli theatre from 10 August 1915. He subsequently transferred to the Royal Army Service Corps and served as an Acting Captain with the Camel Transport. - NEF - $100 - SOLD
    39. 3-8160 Pte. F. J. L. Durrant. Dorset: R. - Lewis Frederick James Durrant was born in Sherborne, Dorset, in 1875 and was a special reservist in the National Reserve, having previously served in the Dorset Yeomanry. He served with the 1st Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment during the Great War on the Western Front from 5 January 1915, and died of wounds on 22 February 1915. He is buried in Wulverghem Cemetery. EF - $120 - SOLD