WW1 Medals



Silver War Badge :


  1. 137348 With copy of SWB Roll showing William Henry Killick, enl. 15/9/14 and discharged due to Wounds 6/10/17. The 2nd Bn served at Gallipoli, Egypt and by 1917 were in France. GVF $65

  2. Numbered No 58766. With copy of SWB Roll showing Geo. Walter Cooper, Regtl No. 19526, enlisted June 1915 and discharged Sept 1916 due to sickness. He served overseas. He may of enlisted more than once as there are a few MIC's for this name, 2 for the Essex Regiment and both discharged due to sickness at different times. $55

  3. Numbered 117096 with copy of roll showing awarded to L/Cpl Albert Barber, 1/8th Essex Cyclists, served 5/5/09 to 5/7/15 discharged due to sickness. (No overseas service) Scarce to unit. VF $75

  4. Silver War Badge No B321024 (Alex Smith HLI), Alex. Smith, 74502 Highland Light Infantry, served 24/6/16 to 2/10/19 and disch. due to sickness. EF $55

1914 Stars


  1. 8484 Sjt T E Gray 2/York R. - Died of Wounds 23/10/1914 and rests at Ypres Town cemetery  VF - $250 
  2. 6229 Pte A King 2/Essex R. -  GVF $160
  3. 323 Pte J Buckley 2/Manch R, James - can supply an e-copy of the MIC, 27/8/14 qualifying date -VF $160
  4. 696 Pte. N. Lapsley 2/Sea. Highrs. KIA 23/10/1916, Thiepval Memorial, GVF $300
  5. M1-06771 PTE G S SARGENT A.S.C. - Private G. S. Sargent served overseas from 5th November 1914, he served with the 26th Field Ambulance Army Service Corps. - VF, original silk ribbon, $140


1914-15 Stars :-


    1. Burg. L. J. Erasmus, Lydenburg Kdo. EF $80
    2. Burg. S. B. Spiro, Ermelo Cmd. EF $80
    3. Burg. J. F. du Toit, Marico Kdo. EF $80
    4. Dvr. R. J. Moulton, S.A.S.C-M. T. EF - $40
    5. Pte. W. P. Carroll, 11th Infantry GVF $45
    6. Sjt. C. B. Wilke, Graaff Reinet Kdo. VF $90
    7. Pte. R. Collins, Pietersburb (sic) Cdo. - 1 letter lightly struck GVF $80
    8. Burg. J. J. Pienar, Womstd. Kdo. EF $80
    9. Cpl. M. L. Levitt, S.A.S.C. SUPPLIES GVF $40
    10. Pte. G. H. Mathieson, 12th Infantry, EF $50
    11. Burg. S. B. van Dyk, Heidelberg Kdo. EF $80
    12. Pte. J.S. Kitching Enslin’s Hse. VF short ribbon $75
    13. Pte. E. Elias 12th Infantry VF  short ribbon $45
    14. Pte J. Lipvan, 12th M.R.   GVF scratch on the back, $45
    15. No. 4479 Sepoy Kadir Baksh, 31/Punjabis VF$45
    16. No. 2700 Sepoy Saidmat Khan, 82/Punjabis VF $45
    17. No. 1070 Nk. Lall Khan, 1/33/Punjabis VF $45
    18. No. 4828 Sepoy Khuda Dad, 1/30/Punjabis GVF $45
    19. No. 2657 Sepoy Jahan Khan, 1/91/Punjabis VF $45
    20. No. 346 Sepoy Sharin. 1/27/Punjabis VF $45
    21. No. 1074 Sepoy Panlwan. 127 Baluch. L.I. - VF, (blunting to tips) - $40
    22. Pte. K.A. Gordon 5th Infanty. EF, Gilded  - $48
    23. Clr. Sjt. B. Rainer 4th Infantry GVF $55
    24. 8545 Pte. B. Gardiner. 2 Can. Inf. (Attested Valcartier September 1914, Farmer from Ontario, pre-war Militia member.) - VF $100
    25. 2949 Pte. H. Bennett (Herbert, MIC shows 9th Bn. Manchester Regiment, Balkans Theatre), VF $50
    26. Pte. W. O. Van Waltsleben Grff Reinet Cdo GVF $80
    27. 3277. PTE. W. JEFFERY, W. RID. R. VF $50
    28. 414478 Pte. F. Johnson. 13/Can. Inf. VF, short piece of ribbon, $100 (LAC gives Frederick Thompson alias Frederick Nelson, so a mystery).
    29. 11717 PTE. R. LITTLE. R. SC: FUS: VF Lacquered, ribbon needs replacing. Robert Little, served 6th Bn, awarded a SWB. $55
    30. 17728  PTE. J. PINKERTON. R. W. FUS. With print-out from 4th Stationary Hospital showing admitted 25th Sept 1915 with a Bullet wound to Right Elbow. Also a copy of his Medal Index Card showing that he also served in The King's Royal Rifle Corps as # 58667 and ended up in Labour Corps as # 581713. - GVF with long original silk ribbon. $75
    31. 14481 L.CPL. W.J. STACEY. WILTS: R. (William on MIC) - VF, $55
    32. 2/LT. T.B. BERRY. 2ND INFANTRY. With award slip for SWB to him as a Captain, Royal Engineers, with Box of issue, (damaged) and envelope for Star - EF - $90
    33. 277446 G. Ireland STO.1.RN born Plymouth Aug 1874, several periods in the cells, served om HMS Rainbow, HMS Hood, Magnificent, Arrogant and Diana, RFR 1906, recalled in WW1 Vivid II, looks like HMS Doris, Malta hospitalized, invalided with Diabetes July 1915 and died in 1917 at Plymouth, with CD, GVF $60 
    34. G-1326 L CPL C V WOOD E KENT R. - Charles Victor Wood served with the 8th battalion The East Kent Regiment and was killed in action on 26th September 1915, he is commemorated on the Loos memorial. - GVF with long silk original ribbon.  $120


WW1 British War Medals :-                                              

  1. Burg. G.V.D. Westhuizen Carnarvon Kdo. VF replacement ribbon  $75
  2. Sjt. B.H. Parker 6th D.M.R. VF original ribbon                          $50
  3. Pte. B. Wickham 9th Infantry VF  replacement ribbon                 $50
  4. L/Cpl. H.G. McKelvey 1st S.A.I. VF short piece of ribbon              $50
  5. Sjt. R. Primos 5th S.A.H. Contacted malaria in November 1916. With service documents.  NEF, toned   $60   
  6. 2 CL. W.O H.L. BOSMAN 18TH M.R. - VF - $55
  7. Pte. F.J. Ridley 6th S.A.I.  EF Short ribbon  $50         
  8. 41556 Pte. H. Orr. R. Scots. KIA 4/6/17 Arras, 2nd Bn. fm. Glasgow. EF $85       
  9. Spr. A.W. Begg S.A.S.C.R.E. GVF $45
  10. Sjt. R. Primos 5th S.A.H. - Star and AVM missing. Contacted malaria in November 1916. Comes with service documents.  NEF, toned   $60  
  11. Pte. F.J. Ridley 6th S.A.I.  EF Short ribbon  $50
  12. F.12082. E.A. Osborne. A.M. 1 R.N.A.S. (only award) with card box and papers, GVF, $80
  13. 435347 Pte. D. Duncan, 18-Can. Inf. EF $75 (a 50th Bn. enlistment number)
  14. 49021 Pte. J. Ashworth, Ches. R. VF edge bruising, $45 MIC
  15. 3886 Pte. W. J. Baines, R. Lanc. R. VF MIC, $40
  16. Pte. C.F. Maynard. S.A.M.C.C. GVF $75
  17. Rfm. H.R. Bousfield. 4th S.A.M.R. - VF $50
  18. Pte. A.H. Beukes. 1st M.C. VF (small test cut) $45
  19. 6614 Cpl E. J. Harris. 20 Bn. A.I.F.- NEF - KIA 6/11/1917 Menin Memorial, Son of Jesse James and Annie Harris, of "Clarance," Minter St., Canterbury, New South Wales. Native of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - $250
  20. 458549 Pte. A.J. Hornett. 14 Can. Inf. - EF - KIA 27/9/18 Attested age 18, Ofice Boy, had Militia service with 8th Royal Rifles, born Woolwich, England. $150
  21. 344151  Pte Harry Down  CAN. TANK  BN. VF, (Cleaned) b. Murray, ON, 1889, res. Trenton, ON. $175
  22. 164263 Pte. H. Dallaway 75 Can. Inf. VF contact marks. A Carpenter from Sheffield, England. Attested at Niagara Sept. 1915. NOK Brantford, ON. $70. 
  23. 4925 Pte A N Blaker R. Suss. R. VF - $50
  24. GS-42460 Cpl F J Gear R. Fus. -VF $52
  25. 31328 Pte W T Walker R Fus - GVF $50
  26. G 8261 Pte A Wickham R Suss R. - EF $52
  27. 175867 Pte. F. Redfern York Dns. VF - $125
  28. L-2651 Sjt. T. Clark. 17-Lrs. - GVF - $75
  29. 28732 Pte. G. W. Butler. R. War. R. - GVF - $45
  30. 305532 Pte. J. Griffiths. Lan. Fus. - 2nd/5th  Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers, Died 25th April, 1918 and buried at Houchin British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. - GVF - $90
  31. 64293 PTE. F. KENYON. 75-CAN.INF. - EF - $75 
  32. 2765268 PTE. R.G. MCLEAN. CAN. TANK CORPS. - Ronald Griffin McLean was born on 3rd January 1899 in Toronto, Ontario and he joined the CEF on 7th May 1918. NVF - $160
  33. 3181751 Pte. P. McLean. N.S.R. - Patrick McLean was born on 17th March 1898 in Whitney Pier, Sydney, NS. He was drafted in the CEF on 25th April 1918 having seen previous twenty one months service in 94th Regt. EF $65
  34. 3259707 PTE. H.E. DIXON. N.B.R. - Horatio Edward Dixon was a Farmer from St Thomas, New Brunswick and was drafted late in the war, arriving in England, he never made it over to France due to contracting Rheumatic Fever. - GVF, Toned condition - $60
  35. 3163 Sowar Chandgi Ram, 5 Cavy., slack susp. VF Repaired test cut @ 2 o'clock. $80
  36. 2722 Sowar Ghafar Beg, 6 Cavy. Near Fine, tiny e.k. - $75
  37. 3695 Swr. Lal Din, 10 Lrs. NVF - $80
  38. 2243 L-Dfdr. Niaz Muhd. Khan, 21 Cavy. GVF - $80
  39. 3738 L-Dfdr. Rustam Khan, 21 Cavy. F.F., with corrected unit number, About VF - $75
  40. 2272 Sowar Buta Singh, 6 Cavy. VF -$80
  41. 758 Sowar Munur Khan, 8 Cavy. - attempted erasure of rank. VF -$75
  42. 2472 Sowar Narain Singh, 13 Lcrs. VF -$80
  43. 2229 Sowar Rai Singh, 13 Lcrs. VF -$80
  44. 1292 Sowar Isher Singh, 16 Cavy. VF -$80
  45. 237629 SPR. E. 
    VAUGHAN. C.R.T. 
    Edward Vaugh  an was born on 3rd December 1871 in Shropshire, 
    England and he joined the CEF on 24th April 1915.
    - GVF Toned - $60
  46. 13813 Sjt. W. Waters. 5 - Can. Inf. - From Ballingar, Co. Dubin, Ireland, Occ. "Surveyor" 3 years prior service with "British Volunteers".   Attested Valcartier Aug 1914, NOK Vancouver. GVF $85  
  47. 29770 Pte. M.E. Beckett, C.F.C. - a Lumberman, b. 1896.  Jacquet River, N.B. 224th Bn attested April 1st, 1916, R.C. Medal GVF and dark toned with original ribbon and a pin. May be his only award. $60.         
  48. 66466 Cpl. R.H.E. Jordan R.A. Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal per London Gazette 11th March, 1916 "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He displayed great coolness and energy in repairing telephone wires under fire, and invariably volunteering for any work, however dangerous." NVF - $130
  49. Capt. A. Burke, VF $75
  50. 46374 Pte. G. Ridings. Lan Fus. George Ridings originally enlisted into the Cheshire Regiment before serving on the Western Front with the 16th (Service) Battalion (2nd Salford) Lancashire Fusiliers. He was attached to the Trench Mortar Battery and was killed in action on 10 August 1918 in an attack on Damery Wood near Bouchoir. He is buried at Bouchoir New British Cemetery, France. EF $110
  51. 242099 Pte. C.F. Hodgkinson. Lan. Fus Charles Frederick Hodgkinson, a native of Masborough, Rotherham, originally enlisted into the York & Lancaster Regiment before serving on the Western Front with the 1/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was killed in action while in the trenches at La Bassée. He is buried in Gorre British and Indian Cemetery, France. About EF $100
  52. 39080 Pte. A. Stainstreet. Lan. Fus. Arthur Stainstreet enlisted on 16 November 1914 and served on the Western Front with the 3/5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He later transferred to the Mechanical Transport branch of the Army Service Corps. He was discharged on 22 January 1919 as a result of wounds. NVF, contact marks $45
  53. 14453 Pte. H. Horrocks. Lan. Fus. - Henry Horrocks served on the Western Front with the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was killed in action on 12 October 1916 during the battalion’s unsuccessful attack towards Le Transloy, where they suffered 345 casualties. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France. George Ridings originally enlisted into the Cheshire Regiment before serving on the Western Front with the 16th (Service) Battalion (2nd Salford) Lancashire Fusiliers. He was attached to the Trench Mortar Battery and was killed in action on 10 August 1918 in an attack on Damery Wood near Bouchoir. He is buried at Bouchoir New British Cemetery, France. VF, slight ek. $100
  54. 24042 Pte. J. Marshall. Lan. Fus. - John Marshall, a native of Boroughbridge, originally served with the 9th (Service) Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers and was later posted to the 10th (Service) Battalion. He was awarded the Military Medal (London Gazette 13 March 1919). Judging by other 10th Battalion M.M. winners who are both mentioned in the war diary and listed in the same gazette alongside Marshall, it is likely that he won his award for deeds during September 1918, while the battalion was in action around Gouzeaucourt. Charles Frederick Hodgkinson, a native of Masborough, Rotherham, originally enlisted into the York & Lancaster Regiment beforeserving on the Western Front with the 1/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was killed in action while in the trenches at La Bassée. He is buried in Gorre British and Indian Cemetery, France, NEF $100
  55. 4685 Pte. J. Kenworthy. Lan. Fus. - Joseph Kenworthy served with the 1/8th Lancashire Fusiliers, landing in Egypt on 29 March 1916. He proceeded to France with the Battalion in March 1917 and was invalided home 22 November 1917. He returned to the Western Front in September 1918 with 23rd(Service) Battalion and shortly after transferred to the 34th (County of London) Battalion, London Regiment. GVF dirty ribbon $45
  56. 10262 Pte. E. J. Evans. Lan. Fus. - Ernest Jones Evans served on the Western Front with the 2/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. VF, minor contact marks, $45
  57. 281053 Pte. W. Goulding. Lan. Fus. - William Goulding, a native of Heywood, Lancashire, served with the 2/7th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers in France from February 1917. He was killed in action on 14 July 1917 when his battalion came under artillery fire near Coxyde. He is buried in Coxyde Military Cemetery, Belgium. GVF $95
  58. 16538 Pte. B. Cartin. Lan. Fus. - Bernard Cartin served with the Lancashire Fusiliers before transferring to the Labour Corps. NVF $40.
  59. 4614 Pte. J. W. Hitchin. Lan. Fus. - John W. Hitchin served on the Western Front with the 2/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. VF $45.
  60. 10178 Pte. J. Anderson. Lan. Fus. - Joseph Anderson, a native of Salford, served on the Western Front with the 15th (Service) Battalion (1st Salford), Lancashire fusiliers, landing in France on 23 November 1915. He was later attached to the 21st (Reserve) Battalion and died at home on 27 January 1917 of Lymphoma. He is buried in Salford (Weaste) Cemetery, England. GEF $70.
  61. 2269 Pte. L. Taylor. Lan. Fus. - Leonard Taylor enlisted into the 1/5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers on 3 September 1914 and landed in Egypt on 25 September 1914. The battalion went onto serve at Gallipoli from 5 May 1915, returning to Egypt the following December. Taylor was discharged on 20 July 1916 due to sickness.
  62. 12526 Pte. J.W. Burton. Lan. Fus. - John William Burton served with the 16th (Service) Battalion (2nd Salford), Lancashire Fusiliers, landing in France on 23 November 1915. He was later posted to the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion. VF $48.
  63. 9190 PTE. L. DREW. 3-CAN. INF. LeRoy Drew was born in 23/11/1889 at Toronto and gave his occupation as a Clerk when he attested for the CEF on 22nd September 1914. He transferred to CASC MT (Motorized Transport) (No. 1 Divisional Supply Column) in January 1915. Married in 1919 at Westminster Chapel. 1920 Cencus shows him as married to a Mabel (nee Glover). He died 29th May 1966 at Toronto. $80
  64. 406603 PTE. W.H. PACE. 19-CAN.INF. William Herbert Pace was born on 13th April 1886 in London, Ontario and joined the CEF on 15th April 1915 at Hamilton, Ontario, occupation “Moulder” so presumably employed in the steel industry. He made a statutory declaration regarding his name. On 27.8.18 he was wounded in the face and right leg. On 24.10.1918 he was awarded the Military Medal. $125 
  65. 40857 Pte. D. Elliott. Dorset R. (Daniel) only awarded a Pair. VF $45
  66. 5048 Pte. L.B. D'Aguilar. Middx. R. (also served in Black Watch, Leslie B., only award !) GVF $55
  67. PLY.11680 Pte. W. Taylor. R.M.L.I. - GVF, e.k. $50
  68. P-10369 L.Cpl R.A. Norman M.F.P. - VF (MIC shows awarded a Pair) scarce to unit. $55
  69. 1495 Pte S.W. Wilson. Herts: Yeo. - GVF $100
  70. CPL. J. FALCONER. S.A.S.C. - Suspender Broken off, VF $25
  71. L/CPL. H.B. LE CLERCO. 2ND S.A.I. GVF  $52
  72. Pte. W. V. West. 2nd S.A.I. GVF - $50
  73. 841883 Pte. J. Low. 42-Can. Inf. James Low, b. Aberdeen. Married with (5) Children. KIA 13/3/18 - VF - $150
  74. 931569 Pte. W. Reade. 2-C.M.R. - VF, b. Chester, Cheshire 1874, Attested Cranbrook, B.C. on 6th June 1916 Occ. Clerk, Had a wife and (3) kids. Served in France with the unit and also CASC. - Dark toned VF $75
  75. British War Medal 1914-20 (Sjt D. D. Turpin. 1st S.A.I.), very fine. Dick Darrel Turpin served with the 1st (Cape) South African Regiment. He was killed on 20 September 1917 and is commemorated on the Yrpes (Menin Gate) Memorial; sold together with copied CWGC cert. - VF - $108
  76. Capt. C. Howcroft with a Royal Life Saving Society medal dated Feb. 1909, a pierced Halfpenny for 1891 and 91st Highlanders collar badge (pin broken). Clifford Howcroft was born at Leeds, England on 1st April 1891 and was a Merchant at Hamilton, Ontario when he attested in Sept. 1915, He served in the 87th Battalion and at Canadian HQ, so this may be his only award. He appears to of moved later to Abany, New York. VF $180
  77. 1282 A. Cpl. E. J. Wood. M.F.P. GVF  $55
  78. P-8404 L. Cpl. G. W. Greenaway. M.M.P. – (A in Greenaway scratched out) MIC confirms name. GVF $45
  79. P-4538 L. Cpl. J. Wilson. M.F.P. VF - $50
  80. P-9048 L. Cpl. W. A. Cox. M.F.P. GVF, Toned - $50
  81. P-7875 L. Cpl. D. G. B. Hunter. M.M.P. GVF - $55
  82. 1102 T. Sjt. J. J. Green. M.F.P. GVF - $58



1914-18 Victory Medals :-


  1. 1576 Pte. T. Jackson. A. & S.H. some staining GVF $36
  2. 7024 Pte. E.L. Jones. 16-Lond. R. VF $40
  3. G-13150 Pte. A. E. Terrell, The Queen’s R, VF. dark spot, $33
  4. 16981 Sjt. W. Sherriff, Ches. R. MIC, also served R.W.F. VF $36
  5. 10923 Pte. J. C. Dye, R. Lanc. R. VF, MIC $75 - James Cooper Dye who was born in Poplar, London in 1895 landed with the 1st Battalion Kings Own Royal Lancs Regt in France on 23 August 1914. By the end of the month the Battalion had suffered 431 other ranks killed, missing or prisoner. In October a further 180 became casualties and among those taken prisoner was James Cooper Dye. James Dye died in Thurrock, Essex aged 65 in 1960. Entitled to 1914 Star. His copied Medal Index Card states ‘Pris of W.’9942 Pte. S. Gray, L.N. Lan. R. - $75
  6. 2007619 2 Cpl B.W. Davies, C.S.E.F. EF - $280. Davies attested to the Canadian Engineers in March 1918. Born in Wales in 1880, he was living in Pittston, Pennsylvania, when he enlisted. His attestation papers indicate that he had served 8 years in the Welsh Regiment.
  7. O.J.D. DUCASSE. LDG. SMN. 466. R.N.C.V.R. Octave Ducasse was born on 22nd October 1898 in Quebec City, QC. He had served in the Merchant Marine when he enlisted on 17th August 1917. He was discharged on 9th August 1918. With copy of Service Record in large folder. NVF $150
  8. 778647 Cpl. F.F. Charpentier. C.O.R.C.C. - EF $50
  9. 29540 Pte. A. Thompson. K.O. Sco.Bord.  EF  $38
  10. 16199 Pte R. L. Parsons R. W. Kent R. - EF $35
  11. 623042 Pte. H. Ferguson, 1-C.M.R.;          Harry Ferguson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in April 1892 and enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Winnipeg in September 1915. Embarked for England, he joined the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles out in France and was killed in action at Maple Copse on 5 June 1916, while serving in ‘C’ Company. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, with brief research. GVF $150
  12. S4-060076 S. Sjt. I.R. Butler. A.S.C. Staff Sergeant Ibsley R. Butler, served with the Army Service Corps during the Great War on the Western Front from 8.6.1915; Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette 24.12.1917) and awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (London Gazette 17.6.1918). NVF $80
  13. 21097. Pte. H.J.C. Bates. A. Cyc. Corps. NVF $60
  14. 3111024 Pte. J.J. Jones, C.S.E.F. EF condition - $300. Jones was drafted to the 2nd C.O.R. Born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1883, he was a "Boilermaker" by trade. Served in No. 20 Co. Canadian Machine Gun Corps
  15. T.Z. 6832 W. SIBLEY. SIG. R.N.V.R. -  VF - $28
  16. S.A.2720 D. CASEY. SKR. R.N.R. Casey became a Trawler Skipper effective 1st February 1940. VF, In WW2 he was in command of the fllowing Minesweeping Trawlers : HMS Touchstone, Star of Orkney, Loch Buie and Alexandrite. Short ribbon. - $55 
  17. 731 SEP. MANDAN KHAN 27 PJBS VF, some darkening - $24
  18. 10983 PTE. G.L. JORDAN. H.A.C. - INF. GVF - $35
  19. 218397 GNR. W. THOMPSON R.A. EF (a few spots) $25
  20. 3230609 Pte. D. Pilote 4th Bn. (Drafted into 1st Central Ontario Regt.) Press Setter from Toronto, 4 years prior service with 48th Highlanders. Fine $60
  21. 1039601 Spr. E. Harmer C.R.T. - Frederick Edward, from Bournemouth, Hampshire, address : McKay P.O. Vancouver, B.C. "Road Contractor"  Served 11 years in 6th D.C.O.R. (Militia). Attested Sept. 1916. - VF - $45
  22. 7026 L. Cpl. D. Cullen 1st Can. Inf.  - KIA June 13th 1916 - David Cullen was b. London, England attested Dundas, Ontario in September 1914, having had 3 years prior service with the 77th Militia Regiment and 3 months with R.C.D.  An early enlistment. - GVF condition - $140
  23. 29872 Cpl. G.W. Beattie. R.A.M.C. - EF, stain spot - $28
  24. 458870 Pte. V.W. Breeze, Labour Corps - EF, stain spot - $27
  25. 7633 Pte. R. Lumm. Bedf. R. - GVF - $35
  26. 553939 PTE. J. CRANSTON. LABOUR CORPS. - VF - $27
  27. 6534 PTE. W. VARLEY. W. YORK. R. - EF - $35
  28. 140075 Pte. H. Field. 14 - Can. Inf. Harry Field from Torquay, Devon, Labourer, pre war member of the 9th Mississauga Horse. Born Oct. 1883. Married to Edith who resided in Torquay still. Attested July 1915 into 75th Bn. Age 31. Received a  GSW to shoulder, and also shell-shock earlier. Full service file is on-line. GVF - $85
  29. 3040602 Pte. B. Robson, C.S.E.F. GVF, some stains, Baden Robson was a Rifleman in the 259th Battalion. He arrived in Vladivostock on 15th Jan 1919 aboard SS Protesliaus. - $280.
  30. SE-2570 Pte. C.E.S. Overton. A.V.C. M.I.C. shows awarded Trio. EF $35
  31. 646214 Pte. H. Day. C.M.G. Bde. Harry Day was born at Hatfield Heath, Essex in Dec. 1889 and was residing on Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. when he attested in September 1916. He originally enlisted with the 158th Battalion but was sent to C.M.G. Brigade and served with the 4th Company in France, being Gassed on 7th November 1917. - VF - $65
  32. 1090197 Pte. O.B. Thompson, 75 Can. Inf, Oliver Bartlett Thompson came from Haileybury, Ontario, Occ. Bank Clerk, b. 1899, attested Jan 13th 1917 in the 253rd (Queen's University Highlanders) Battalion, served in France with 75th Battalion. He died on 20 Sept 1964. VF, v. short ribbon. $70
  33. REV. D. CONACHER. (P.N. - No paperwork accompanies the medal but have electronic info that can be sent). New Polyester ribbon, Duncan Conacher was born 19 Dec 1878 at Strathray, Logierait, Scotland to Mungo Conacher and Margaret Maclagan. He attended the Universities of St Andrews (M.A. 1911) and Edinburgh. On 30th August 1916 he married Elsie Robertson, probably in South Africa as he was employed in organizing schools in the Transvaal. He went overseas in January 1918 and was Chaplain to the 1st Gordon Highlanders and later 6th Bn Black Watch in the Highland Division. He was Minister of Calderhead Parish, Shotts, Lanarkshire for 32 years. he passed away in 1962. EF Condition $160
  34. 33816 PTE. W.W. THOMPSON.  YORK. R. GVF, a few spots, $38
  35. Eng. S. Lt. C. G. Will. R.N.R. With service record page, served on HMS Devaney Dec '17 until war's end. (a Fleet Messenger ship), Charles George Will was from Aberdeen.  EF $75
  36. Eng. S. Lt. A. Reid. R.N.R. - Alexander Reid served with the Royal Naval Reserve aboard HMS Menaleus (a kite ballon ship) with copied Service Record of 1 pg. - EF $75
  37. 14819 PTE. J. JUDGE. R. HIGHRS. GVF - Silk Ribbon $38
  38. 8261 Pte. W. Styles. 2-Can. Inf. William Styles was born in Epsom, England ON 11 July 1886. He was a Farmer at Holloway, NOK resided Belleville, Ontario. He received a leg wound on 25th April 1915. – VF, original silk ribbon. $75


1914-18 Bi-lingual South African Victory Medals :-

  1.             Un-named example in envelope and box, Mint $110
  2.          L/ Sjt Kenneth Fraser Mackenzie - 4th South African Infantry                 (South African Scottish) Regiment served with distinction at the             Battle of Delville Wood (15 July – 3 September 1916) EF with                 the original silk ribbon, Unresearched $200


WW1 Medal Pairs (Rank is Pte. UNO) :


  1.  106202 PTE. C.DOUGLAS, 1 - C.M.R. b. Griswold, KIA 25/6/1916 Ypres. EF $260
  2. 106167 PTE. J. CRAWLEY, 1 - C.M.R. Jack Crawley was born in Winnipeg in 1893 and his parent's address was Edmonton Street. He was a machinist and attested at Brandon, Manitoba on the 1st December 1914 for the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles. He was reported Dead on th 5th June 1916 probably as a result of the disastrous attack by the Germans during The Battle of Mount Sorrel who penetrated the line and killed the Colonel (Lt. Col. A.C. Shaw) and 80 other ranks. Out of 21 Officers and 671 O.R.'s that entered the line on this tour, only 1 Officer and 135 men returned to billets. Some staining to the Victory Medal. Original ribbons. GVF $260 
  3. Rfm. G.Smith. 3rd S.A.M.R. EF (Bilingual Victory) $130
  4. 216487 PTE. J. FOSTER. 1- C.M.R.; $150 James Foster was born in November 1880 in Newbury England; he joined the CEF on 12th February 1916, having seen previous service in 100th Winnipeg Grenadiers and seven months with Lord Robert’s Chargers as an Officer’s servant in England. 
  5. 3107410 PTE. G. J. YOUNG. 4-CAN. INF., swing mounted on pin bar; EF Condition. $150 Gordon Joseph Young was born on 30th November 1891 in Allanford, Ontario and was drafted into the CEF on 16th February 1918. Occupation given as a “Druggist” living at Sioux Lookout. 
  6. 65510 SJT. J. JONES. 24- CAN. INF. EF. $160 John Jones was born on 31st July 1880 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, England. He joined the CEF on 26th October 1914, having seen previous service with 3rd V.R.C. 
  7. 841466 PTE. J.A. THOMPSON. 14-CAN. INF. - EF. $140 John Allen Thompson was born on 17th September 1897 in Belfast, Ireland, he joined the CEF on 11 February 1916. 
  8. 190059 PTE J.L. EMERY. 2 CAN INF. EF $150
  9. 800082 Pte. E. Major, 3 - Can. Inf.  - With service file, B. Antrim, Ireland, July 25th, 1890. Att. Feb. 5th, 1916, Toronto. Occ. Salesman. Attached to Tramway Co. Engineers, wounded May 29th, 1918. (Gassed). - VF Condition - $160
  10. 115501 PTE. F.A. IZARD. 8 - CAN. INF. Fred Alfred Izard was born in London England in 1886, records indicate no previous military service at time of enlistment in Regina on 25 May 1915. With copy of Attestation papers. GVF Condition. $150  
  11. 457524 PTE. J. NAIRN. 14 - CAN. INF. John Nairn was born in Scotland in 1885. Records indicate that he had prior military service in the Highland Light Infantry at the time of his enlistment at Montreal on 19 June 1915. With copy of Attestation papers. Toned, GVF Condition. $150 
  12. 766307 A.W.O. CL.2. J.E. WALSH. 20-CAN.INF.). EF. $150 - John Eugene Walsh was born on 3rd July 1883 in London, England and he joined the CEF on 1st December 1915, having previously seen service of 15 months in 10th Grenadiers. With Copy of Service Record. Cook in Civilian Occupation.
  13. 195207 A.L. CPL. P.E. SMITH. 20 - CAN. INF. Percy Edward Smith was born in Norwich, Norfolk, Englandin 1888 with records indicating no previous military service at the time of his enlistment in the 57th Regt. at Peterborough Ontario in 1915. With copy of Attestation papers. GVF condition, toned. $150
  14. 285064 SPR. G.S. THOMAS, C.R.T. Gordon Stewart Thomas was living in Toronto and serving in the 12th York Rangers at the time of his enlistment in the 220th Batt: before transferring to the 127th Batt: in early 1916. With copy of Attestation papers. War medal with Edge knock, otherwise VF Condition. $125
  15. S-11333 Pte R Sinclair Gordons - VF $80
  16. Sgt. A. Nesbitt. 6th S.A.I. (Cape Town Highlanders) with Papers, served 9th S.A. Horse in East Africa, 5th Regt Machine Gun Section, then attched Nigerian Regt. 2nd S.A. Infantry Brigade. Court Martialled for AWOL, various hospitalizations for Malaria etc. NEF - $120
  17. 8419 Pte. G. Chesser. 1-Lond. R. - GVF - MIC ony awards, $70
  18. 126557 Pte. J. McElrea, 1st Can, Inf, Attested Toronto Sept 17th, 1915, Occupation - Farmer. Rec'd severe GSW Left Forearm whilst serving with 7th Bn. on 14th June 1916. With thick service file EF $150
  19. 746034 Pte. F. Kane, 2 Can. Inf. With File : From Fermanagh, Ireland, Labourer Attested 14/1/16 at Oshawa in 116th Bn. Hospitalized for Shell-shock (8) weeks in France and (3) weeks with Influenza in 1918, Medically discharged. GVF $160
  20. 859253 Cpl. W.H. Wellman, C.M.G. Bde.. Member of 79th Cameron Highlanders Militia, prior service of 6 years in R.E. Territorials, in London, England. occ. Farmer, resided  Regina, SK. NEF, Dark toned, $130 
  21. 2393405 Pte. J. Mooney, 20-Can. Inf. John Mooney was born in Dublin, Ireland address on enlistment (in June 1917) was "Hercules Men's Club, New Jersey, whilst his wife was in Glasgow, Scotland. Condition - Good Fine  $130.
  22. 65590 A. Sjt. J. E. Lynch, 24-Can. Inf. John Edmund Lynch was a Plasterer from Yorkshire, England who attested in October 1914 at Montreal. N.O.K. given as his mother, Montreal address. EF $160
  23. 775008 L. Cpl. A. W. Barber, 38-Can. Inf. Arthur Wellington Barber was born in Toronto, Occupation Clerk, Attested Dec. 1915 into the 126th Bn CEF. Digitized file is available on-line. EF Dark toned BWM $150
  24. 2529428 Pte. G. B. Stuart, 102-Can. Inf., Gordon Benjamin Stuart was born in Brampton, Ontario and working as a Lathe-Hand in Hamilton when he joined the Canadian Mounted Rifles in September 1917. GVF $150
  25. 678504 Pte. A. Aikman. 15 - Can. Inf. Archibald Aikman was a Mechanic, from Glasgow, Scotland, he attested with the 169th Bn on 20/3/1916 in Toronto, he was married to a Catherine. Medals are GVF. $150
  26. F.B. Foulds. Mate. R.N.C.V.R.  (Officer rank, appointed 30/06/1917) Served HMCS Rainbow and HMCS Seagull. EF  $500
  27. 919742 Pte. B. H. Parry, 14-Can. Inf. Died of Wounds. Bernard Harry Parry was born in Liverpool, Lancashire. A Waiter by occupation, he attested for the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force at Montreal on 17 July 1916. Originally served in the 199th Battalion. Serving in the 14th Battalion Canadian Infantry he died of wounds, (GSW neck) France/Flanders on 14 August 1918, aged 18 years. He was buried in the Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery. He was the son of Osbourn and Rebecca Parry, of 40 Garswood Street, Liverpool. EF $280
  28. 690188 Pte. J.P. Taylor, 3 Can. Inf. Slack suspension on BWM, VF contact marks. James Prunty Taylor was born in South River, Ontario on 14th March 1894. A Butcher by occupation, living at 14 Rowanwood Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario, he attested for the 173rd Battalion "Highlanders" on 3rd February 1916, having previously served 1 year in the 91st Cameron Highlanders ....  $150.  
  29. 153093 Cpl. R. Webster, 43rd Can. Inf. From Edinburgh, attested June 1915, Member of 79th Cameron Highlanders Militia,  NEF $140
  30. 1009565 PTE. M.W. CLARKE. 46-CAN.INF. -  Manford Wesley Clarke was born on 22nd December 1897 in Amherst, Nova Scotia he joined the CEF on 1st February 1916. He was Killed in Action on 26th August 1918. EF - $300
  31. 823405 PTE. D. CONNOR. 18-CAN.INF. Denis Connor was born on 16th December 1896 in London, Ontario, he joined the CEF on 20th December 1915. GVF - $140 
  32. 10339 A. Sjt. R.F. Boyes. HAC-INF. – VF, scratch on BWM, $90
  33. 472295 Pte H.B. (Herbert Bruce) Kennedy 46 Can. Inf.   KIA 03 Sep 18. EF Toned BWM. - $280 - RESERVED
  34. 887337  Pte H.M. (Harold Montague) Wells. 5th Can. Inf.  KIA 15 Aug 17  (Hill 70) with sew-on ribbons on orig. display card VF $290
  35. 730687 PTE. W. GREEN. 52-CAN.INF. William Green was born on 6th September, 1882 in Aylesbury, England and he joined the CEF on 25th March 1916. Occupation "Crane Driver". - EF - $140
  36. 136161 PTE. P.J. WALSH.  2-C.M.R. - Patrick Joseph Walsh was born on 9th March 1884 in Toronto, Ontario and he joined the CEF on 19th July 1915. - VF or better, $140
  37.  850042 PTE. W. DEY. 3 -CAN.INF. William Dey was born on 28th March 1894 in Aberchirder, Scotland and he joined the CEF on 19th February 1916. Occupation - Grocer. He died of wounds on 30th August 1918. EF - $280
  38.  670154 SPR. J.A. HANN. C.R.T. James Arthur Hann was born on 6th January 1878 in Dorsetshire, England and he joined the CEF on 31st July 1916. Trade was "Stationary & Marine Fireman". EF, dirty ribbons, $125
  39.  410959 PTE. H.H. SPENCER. 38- CAN. INF. Harry Herbert Spencer was born on 11th April 1896 in Montreal, Quebec. He joined the CEF on 26th April 1915 having served one camp with A.M.C. He went to France on 13th August 1916 and on 3rd September 1916 was reported as having a gun shot wound in the right foot, which was determined as self inflicted. Received 1 ,onth Field Punishment No. 1. On 4th October 1918 while in the field he was wounded in the right thigh. He was demobilized from the service on 16th June 1919. With copy of Service Record. GVF - $150
  40. 1667 Sowar Kishan Singh, 4 Cavy - F - $170
  41. 2806 Swr. Tafail Ahmad, 6 Cavy. - VF, edge bruise - $180
  42. 588 Sowar Banta Singh, 11 Lcrs. - GVF - $180
  43. 2235 Sowar Mohd. Hayat, 13 Lcrs. - NEF - $190
  44. 2336 Sowar Rasul Khan, 17 Cavy. - VF - $180
  45. 3977 Sowar Ude Singh, 34 Horse - VF - $190
  46. Pte. L.D. Becker. 1st S.A.I. EF (Bilingual Victory) $120
  47. Pte. D.A. Sittrie. 6th S.A.I. GVF (Bilingual Victory) with papers, $120
  48. A/Sgt. A. Nesbitt. 6th S.A.I. GVF (Bilingual Victory) with papers, awol twice for short periods. Malaria. $130
  49. Pte. P.J. Thomas. 9th S.A.H. GVF (Bilingual Victory) Service extact, 1 page. $120
  50. Dvr. J.J.P. Greef. C.A.H.T.C. (Bilingual Victory) GVF $100
  51. Dvr. D.S. Adams. C.A.H.T.C. (Bilingual Victory) GVF $100
  52. 799981 A. SJT. B. Faichney. C.M.G. BDE. - Benjamin Faichney saw from Stirlingshire, Scotland and had prior service of 8 years with the 5th Scottish Rifles and 2 years with the 48th Militia. Received GSW to both legs. He attested in January 1916. His full service file is downloadable for free from the Cdn Archives. NEF $135
  53. Lt. A.D. McLardy, Archibald Douglas Mclardy was from Hamilton, Ontario. b. 26/10/1893, was a Chief Clerk on Railways and attested into 2nd Pioneer Bn. He died 16/12.1934 at Essex, Ontario. Toned, GVF. $280
  54. 463182 A. CPL. R. G. SCOTT. 7-CAN. INF. Robert Graham Scott was borm in Vivtoria, B.C. and was a Farmer residing at Lake Hill, B.C. when he attested at Vernon on July 21st, 1915. He had prior service with the 88th Victoria Fusiliers. NEF $150.
  55. 782156 A. CPL. J.H. SPENCE. 5-CAN.INF. (Western Cavalry) John Henry Spence was born on 28th March 1885 in Liverpool, England and joined the CEF on 25th February 1916 at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, address given as Hodgeville, SK. His NOK is listed as being in Dr0gheda, Ireland. GVF $150
  56. 859802 PTE. G.V. BOAL. 43-CAN.INF. Glen Victor Boal was born on 31st October 1887 in Kincardine, Ontario. He joined the CEF on 17th March 1916 having seen previous service in 79th C.H. of C. He became missing in action on 28th August 1918. - EF $260
  57. 800135 PTE. G. KEIR. 19-CAN. INF. Gabriel Keir was born on 19th August 1882 in Renfrew, Scotland and joined the CEF on 14th February 1916. He was a Stonemason by trade residing in Toronto. VF $140
  58. Lieut. J.C. Hyde - James Clark Hyde was an Electrical Engineer from Westmount, Quebec who attested on 30th January, 1916 having one years prior service in the 21st Battery, C.F.A. He served overseas I the 33rd and 51st Batteries, C.F.A. as well as a spell in the 2nd Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column.  Ontario. EF/Mint, repl. ribbons $250
  59. 114300 Pte. H.E. Cox, 1 C.M.R. - Harold Ernest Cox was born in Leytonstone, Essex, England and attested at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on March 11th, 1915 giving his occupation as a Farmer. He was a member of the 22nd Saskatchewan Light Horse. Appart from having his appendix out, he was not wounded. Service file is digitized and now on-line. GVF $150
  60. 871951 Pte. J. Young, C.F.C.  James Young b. Dundee, Scotland 15/10/1891 occ. Teamster. enl. Winnipeg 10 May 1916 aged 45, speckling on Victory, War Medal toned black. GVF $100
  61. 240 DRV. W. THOMSON. 
    William Thomson was born on 18th May 1893 in Glasgow, Scotland. He joined the CEF on 26th February 1915 having seen previous six years service with 44th Glasgow Coy. B.B. - GVF - $110
  62. 409070 A.SJT.  
    J.H. POTTS. 18-CAN. INF. 
    John Hubert Potts was born on 9th March 1893 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he joined the CEF on 11th June 1915. Dark toned BWM, GVF $140
  63. 1096324 Pte. I.E. Watts. 3-Can. Inf. $140. Issac Ernest Watts was a metal Polisher from Toronto, a pre-war member of the  9th Mississauga Horse Militia unit. GVF - $140
  64. 757071 A. Cpl. J. Garnish, 3-Can. Inf, - From Barnstaple, Devon, England and a Blacksmith by occupation. NEF $150
  65. 488792 CPL. T. KERR. 43-CAN.INF. Thomas Kerr was born on 9th October 1889 in Galashiels, Scotland. He joined the C.E.F. on 30th November 1915 having seen previous service in 63rd Regt. He was awarded a D.C.M. for the attack on Upton Wood on 30th August 1918, “When his platoon became disorganized due to thick fog, he reorganized his men and led them round the flank of Dodo Wood and on to the final objective. On two occasions his platoon was delayed by parties of the enemy in shell holes. He went forward under fire and accounted for the enemy”. EF. Original silk ribbons. $320
  66. 540019 A. SJT. C.T. JORDAN. C.M.G. BDE; Charles Thomas Jordan was born on 28th April 1895 in Toronto, Ontario. A Jeweller by occupation, he joined the Guides, 4th Divisional Cyclists CEF on 16th August 1915, and in France he was attached to the Machine Gun School, then 12th Machine Gun Co. Appears to of been wounded twice, once buried and received a contusion and later by GSW (shrapnel). NEF - $125
  67. 463285 A. SJT. E.A. GILLETT 48-CAN.INF. Edwin Arthur Gillett was born on 29th May 1886 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, he joined the CEF on 30th July 1915 at Vernon, B.C. His stated occupation was “Bookeeper”. He enlisted in the 48th Battalion, Served in 3rd Pioneers, received various punishments including 7 days of Field Punishment No. 1 and on 3.2.17 became attached to 15th Canadian Machine Gun Co. - EF - $160, with original silk ribbons, like new.
  68. 148513 PTE. T.J. MACKAY. 78-CAN.INF. Thomas James MacKay was born on 16th October 1893 in Chimney Corner, Nova Scotia, he joined the CEF on 16th November 1915 at Winnipeg, stating that his occupation was an “Electrician”. On 8th April 1917 during the first day of the Battle of Vimy Ridge he received GSW to his scalp and right thigh and was subsequently medically discharged due to his wounds. He served in ‘D’ Company of the 78th Battalion. The 78th won two Victoria Crosses during the war. GVF - $150
  69. 2644377 SPR. E.B. CHAPLIN. C.R.T. Edward Bruce Chaplin was born on 24th September 1896 in Westmount, Quebec, he joined the 27th Railway Construction CEF on 9th October 1917 giving his occupation as a Farmer. He served in France in 1918 with the 10th Canadian Railway Troops. He contracted Dysentery. His later occupation is listed on his U.S. entry document as “Orchardist”. EF Nice original silk ribbons. $120
  70. 3106093 PTE. N. STEERS. 102-CAN. INF. Norman Steers was born on 4th March 1893 in Sidcup, England, he joined the CEF on 12th December 1917 giving his trade as “Machinist” and employed at Rochester, New York. He was wounded on 10th October 1918. Post war he returned to the US, was registered for the draft in WW2 (and WW1) and passed away in 1979 at Rochester. GVF. $165
  71. WW1 Pair (Bilingual) Pte. L.J. Davidson 2nd S.A.I.; The Wakefield Medal Vol. L. Davidson N.V.R. The reverse of the well-struck 40 mm diam. bronze medal reads “NRA British Colonies and  Protectorates Overseas Match”. (N.V.R. = Nyasaland Volunteer Rifles). With copies of service cards. $160
  72. 141874 PTE C.J. Catton 24-CAN:INF: From Leicester, England. Attested at Niagara, On. in th 76th Battalion on 24th May 1915,  listing his occupation as a Farmer. Address, Huntsville. Wounded on 18th September 1916 at Courcelett by a H.E. Shell fragment severley shattering his right arm resulting in subsequent amputation. He happily still was married in Canada however on 23rd October 1918. VF, $160
  73. 171204 PTE. W.C. SPAFFORD. 2-CAN. INF. Walter Clayton Spafford was born 3rd Oct 1876 at Athol Prince Edward, Ontario having had 2 years prior service with the 10th Royal Grenadiers and 2 years in the 16th Battalion. VF. Court Mounted, some spots on Victory. $140
  74. Captain H. J. Budge, Canadian Army Medical Corps
    British War and Victory Medals (Hon. Capt. H. J. Budge.); together with a City of Winnipeg Public Baths Charles Street Swimming Gala 1915 Prize Medal, silver, the reverse engraved ‘1st. Won by H. J. Budge.’, edge bruising, nearly very fine - Howard John Budge was born: 1888 in Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey, England. He also had prior service in the 9th London Regt, Middlesex Rifles and was a Police Constable by profession. Attested 21 June 1915. Rapid promotion throughh the ranks up to RSM, then QM Lieut, then Captain (QM). Died 24th Jan 1925, death attributable to service and listed as a war casualty, Buried Elmwood Cemetery. Wife was: Sunbeam Elleanor Buston VF, minor edge knocks. $250
  75. Pte. A.J. DALY 6th S.A.I. - VF or better condition, with original silk ribbons. Aiden Joseph Daly, from Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Province, Served in German East Africa and was discharged medically unfit in May 1916 due to Corneal Eye Disease and evacuated back to the Union. $120
  76. Pte. J.J. LABUSCHAGNE 7th S.A.I. Johannes Jacobus Labuschagne, from Indwe, Woodhouse District, Cape Province and was discharged "temporarily unfit" due to being underage in Feb. 1918. He appears to of enlisted twice, the second time he stayed in until January 1919. GVF or better condition, with original silk ribbons. $130 
  77. 1997 Pte. R. Cheshire. Welsh R. - GVF, e.k. on Victory, $80
  78. 4-3731. Pte. J. Rodgers. North’d Fus. James Rodgers b. 1884 from Cowers lane, Shottle nr. Derby. Served 1/4th. 20th and 23rd Battalions (Tyneside Scottish), Wounded by GSW to head, Discharged 5/11/18 edge bruise to BWM, NEF court mounted, MIC conf. only awards. $135
  79. 33928. Pte. G. Fletcher. R. Fus.) in named card box of issue, crushed as usual, MIC copy, also served labour Corps 214810, only awards. Mint cond'n with silk ribons. $95 
  80. 37742 Pte. W. H. Davies. R. W. Fus.,  William Henry Davies. MIC only awards, copy medal roll, served 8th Battalion (which served in the Middle East), minor edge bruising VF, court mounted. $90
  81. 57010 SJT. P.G. DAVIS. 20 - CAN. INF. Patrick George Davis was born in Ireland in 1882 and had five years prior military service in the Shropshire Light Infantry before enlisting in the 20th Battalion on 11 November 1914. Sjt. P.G. Davis served in France from 26 June 1917 - 4 May 1919. With copy of Attestation papers. Occupation Tailor. VF Condition $150
  82. 690188 Pte. J. P. Taylor, 3-Can. Inf. James Prunty Taylor was born in South River, Ontario on 14th March 1894. A Butcher by occupation, living at 14 Rowanwood Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario, he attested for the 173rd Battalion Highlanders on 3 February 1916, having previously served 1 year in the 91st Cameron Highlanders Militia Regiment. He served on the Western Front in the 3rd Battalion CEF. VF, contact marks on BWM, slack suspension. $150
  83. Pair: Corporal B. R. Wilhelm, South African Heavy Artillery British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Cpl. B. R. Wilhelm. S.A.H.A) (16) pages of service documents. Bernard Reynold Wilhelm  was from Barkley East, served in German East Africa in 7th S.A. Horse as part of the 2nd Mounted Brigade, transferred to 9th S.A. Horse. was hosp. for Malaria in Sept. 1917, only awards. contact marks thus near very fine $130
  84. Family Group - British War Medal 1914-20 (Pte. P. J. L. Van Eeden, 5th Mtd. Bge.); with South Africa Medal for War Service (573033 J. H. J. Van Eeden) NEF $90
  85. Pair: Gunner E. H. Robinson, South African Field Artillery. British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Gnr. E. H. Robinson. S.A.F.A.) With 3 pgs. of service recors. 864 Gunnner Edmund Herbert Robinson was from Jeppestown, Johannesburg, Transvaal and was posted to the Ammunition Column. Serving in East Africa, e was discharged medically unfit (Orchitis, Hernia etc.) on 13th July 1916 and awarded a SWB.  $100
  86. 34528 PTE. J. HARRISON, L.N. LAN. R. - EF - $80
  87. Ch. Art. Eng. W.R. Coleman R.N. (William, awarded a Trio) - NEF, $130
  88. 1098 Pte J. Reid R. Scots Fine, long ribbons, $80
  89. 6828 Cpl E.J. Eldred R. Scots, EF $90
  90. 33916 W.O.Cl 2 J.H. Walker North'n R., GVF $125
  91. 3125 Pte J.R. Tempest A. Cyc. Corps, Army Cyclist Corps, MIC shows also served in:- Yorkshire Regiment, Royal Engineers, East Lancashire Regiment, (missing 14/15 Star), GVF, $150
  92. 14764 Pte A. Horsley Hamps R. GVF - $80
  93. 41743 Pte W.G. Hardiman E. York R. VF Mounted on screw back pins. (only awards, Walter G.) $80
  94. Mid. A.H. Kinghorn, with service details etc, b. Dec. 1899 Kincardine, Aberdeen. severley reprimanded for going AWOL. With cap badge (now fragile) and service record. EF - $170
  95. R.M.E. 1733 Pte. J. Cambridge, good very fine $100
  96. Pte. A.F. Harmer. D.S.C. (with Bi-lingual Victory Medal) GVF $100
  97. 25487 Pte J.E. Maydew K.S.L.I., (King's Shropshire Light Infantry) John E., also served Labour Corps and R. Sussex Regt., only awards - GVF $80
  98. 195060 Pte. A. V. Dallin. 4-Can. Inf. Albert Victor Dallin was born in Bristol on 29 June 1891 and having emigrated to Canada attested for the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 13 October 1915, serving with the 4th Battalion, Canadian Infantry during the Great War on the Western Front. He died at Victoria, B.C.  on 30 May 1972. EF condition, lacquered and court mounted on a brooch-pin. $140
  99. 460688 Pte. W. Collard. 3-Can. Inf. - William Collard was born in Tiddington, Somersetin 1882, and having emigrated to Canada attested for the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 14 June 1915, serving with the 3rd Battalion, Canadian Infantry during the Great War on the Western Front. GVF - $140
  100. British War and bi-lingual Victory Medals to Pte. M. W. Gardiner 4th S.A.I. (Regiment served at Delville Wood) EF $130
  101. British War and Bi-Lingual Victory Medals (Pte. H. Bert. D.S.C.), minor contact marks, NEF. Harry Bert was born in London. Enlisted with the Divisional Signal Company, Rand Light Infantry on 22 September 1916. Posted to East Africa Bert suffered from bouts of both malaria and anaemia, being discharged unfit for tropical service on 17 September 1917; with copied research including service and attestation records. NEF $120
  102. Spr. C. Abrahams. S.A.C.S.C. R.E.- Christian Abrahams enlisted on 11 August 1915 with the 1st South African Infantry. Transferred to the South African Signal Company, Royal Engineers with the rank of Driver on 15 March 1916. This unit served in France from 17 October 1915 and it was here on 22 June 1918 that Abrahams contracted influenza. He was evacuated to England on 2 April 1919 before returning to South Africa and was demobilised on 11 July 1919; with handwritten research notes. VF $110
  103. 473090 Pte. S. Broadbridge 9-Lond. R. MIC shows Seymons also served 5th Londons under serial # 315049 - GVF $85
  104. 20226 Pte: W. J. Burns. R.W. Fus., mounted for wear, NEF $85
  105. P-1263 A. Cpl. W. S. Baldray. M.F.P. – About VF, $90



WW1 Medals in Broken Groups :


  1. BWM; AVM (Bilingual) Pte. L.D. Becker, 1st S.A.I. VF+ $120
  2. BWM; AVM (Bilingual) Pte. J.E. Ravenscroft 5th S.A.I. GVF, sl. staining on Victory rev. GVF $ 120 
  3. Pair:  Rfm S.G. MOODY 2nd SAMR, 1914/15 Star, Bilingual Victory medal to  DVR. S.A.S.C. Copies of service record show he attested 10/3/15 - EF - $110
  4. BWM A313337 AM2 C.S. Brice R.A.F. ASM ACF 150388 C. Brice GVF $45
  5. Star & BWM to SE-8502, Pte. B, Sadler, AVC - GVF  $85 
  6. Star & Bi-lingual Victory to : Capt. P. Parnell, SAMC (South African Medical Corps) GVF $140
  7. Star & Victory to : 13029 Pte. R.E. Orr. 5/Can. Inf. GVF. KIA 22/5/15, comm. on Vimy Memorial (Ralph) from Hamilton, Ontario, born Bruce County and was a pre war member of the 32nd Bruce Infantry. $300
  8. 1914-15 Star, (impressed: 418683 PTE. I.R. EWEN. 42/CAN:INF:), Victory Medal, (impressed: 418683 PTE. I. EWEN. 42-CAN. INF.). Innes Reid Ewen was born on 6th May 1889 in Dundee, Scotland, he joined the CEF on 10th April 1915 at Montreal, Quebec. He received several Field Punishments, 48 hours and 14 days No.1 (breaking out of billets, drunk etc.) In October 1917 he transferred to 7th C.M.G. Co. He died May 1967 at St. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec. GVF - $140Star & Victory to 11302 Sgt. W. Eastwood. Bord. R. Born Cheetham, Lancashire, resided Cheetham, Cheshire. (6th Battalion). Died of Wounds 21st Aug 1917, Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No. 3. - EF - $160
  9. 6256 Pte. S. J. Dunn. 21-M.G.C. A.I.F. - Sidney Joseph Dunn was born at Frederickton, New South Wales in December 1892 and was an unmarried shop assistant upon his enlistment at Sydney on 1 May 1916. Embarked aboard the Euripides on 9 September 1916. Twice admitted to hospital in the United Kingdom with venereal disease during his training during 1917, he had also gone absent without leave in November 1916 which cost him 7 days punishment. Dunn served in France from 18 October and was wounded in action with a gun shot wound to the left thigh on 27 October, he was admitted to Chester War Hospital on 2 November. Charged for drunkenness in France in October 1918, Dunn returned to Australia on 4 July 1919; with copied Service Record. good very fine or better, with silk ribbons. $350
  10. 1914-15 Star and Victory Medal to S-996 Pte G.J. Miles. Rif. Brig. - EF, $95

WW1 Trios :

  1. 1914-15 Star Dvr. C.T.J. Hendricks S.A.S.C.-M.T.; BWM; AVM (Bil) 2/Lt. C.T. J. Hendricks; WM; ASM 117821 C.T.J. Hendriksen (note change in surname) VF or better $225
  2. 1914-15 Star Trio  Cpl. W.H. Walter, AVC (with MIC, also served Cheshire Regt.), scratch on BWM, GVF          $180
  3. 1914-15 Star Pte. S. Cotty, 5th M.R.; BWM; AVM (Bilingual) Pte. S. Cotty, 9th S.AI. with service papers, showing trade as a Boilermaker. GVF $225
  4. 1914-15 Star Burg. M.J. Breet, 2de Z.A.R.; BWM; AVM (Bilingual) Burg M.J. Breet, 10de Z.A.R. GVF, $225
  5. 1914-15 Star; BWM; AVM (Bil) Rfm. A.F. Lange, 3rd S.A.M.R. Mounted as worn NEF $230
  6. 1914-15 Star Pte. H. Edwards, 20th M.R.; BWM; AVM (Bilingual) Pte. H. Edwards, 1st Mtd. Bgde. Mounted on brooch pin. EF $230
  7. 1914-15 Star Pte. A. Startz Cullinans Horse; BWM; AVM (Bilingual) Dvr. A. Startz S.A.S.C. with service papers. EF, $230
  8. 1914-15 Star Pte. A.J. Smidt 17th M.R.; BWM; AVM (Bil) Sjt. A.J. Smidt 17 DE B. S. VF $220
  9. 1914-15 Star Pte. W.E. Holmes Rand Rfls; BWM; AVM (Bilingual) Cpl. W.E. Holmes 4th S.A.H. After enrolling in December 1914 for service in German SWA William Ernest Holmes served for a short period in East Africa before being discharged during May 1917. With papers. Spotting on the Victory. Whole service on Rand Rifles roll. Had a bout of Malaria in 1916. VF $220
  10. Pte. T.W. Dalton. L'Pool R. (with MID oakleaf), served 1/5th Territorial Bn, wth copy file, medal rolls, M.I.C. (MID not confirmed). Thomas W. Dalton came from Litherland, Liverpool. NEF $180 
  11. Major R. Tidmus (26th Can. Inf. on Star)  GVF   $500
  12. 21602 Pte. F.M. Greenman, 5th Can Inf. Rank  (A. Sjt. on Pair) GVF, $320 - mounted as worn. Fred Greenman came from Chippenham, Wiltshire and was a Painter by occupation, he originally attested in the 11th Bn at Valcartier on the 23rd of September 1914 as part of the 3rd Brigade. he must of been transferred at a later date into the 5th Bn.
  13. 54143 L.CPL. E. A. HIRCOCK. 18/CAN:INF:, War and Victory medals, (impressed: 54143 L. CPL. E.A HIRCOCK. 18-CAN: INF:), Ephraim Aquilla Hircock was born on 23rd January 1888 in Derbyshire, England. He joined the CEF on 11th December 1914 having seen six weeks previous service with 29th Regiment. He received wounds to his buttock and right thigh from a grenade and was operated on to remove metal fragments but was subsequently medically discharged with a 2/3rd disability. Later a tax collector for Cobourg, then preacher, moved to Nelson, B.C. died 1973. court mounted for display. VF. $300
  14.  1914-15 Star named to : 11410 Pte. C. A. Walter. 4/Can: Inf:, British War and Victory Medals named to : 11410 Cpl. C. A. Walter. 4-Can. Inf. - Alfred Charles Darling was born at Winkfield, Berkshire, England in June 1874. An "Armoury Caretaker" with prior service in Roberts Horse, British South Africa Police and was a Sergeant in the 2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys). He attested at Valcartier on 29th August 1914 and served in France, wounded twice (GSW Scalp and broken ankle) at Ypres he was discharged medically unfit but re-attested for Home Service in January 1918. His rank on his discharge certificate was CQMS. (Company Quarter-Master Sergeant). VF, Victory officially re-impressed naming.  $280
  15. 75427 Pte. J.E. Smith, 29 Can. Inf. - James Edward Smith was born in Liverpool, England on 2nd July 1881 and he attested for the CEF on 9th Nov 1914 at Vancouver, giving his occupation as a Plasterer, age 35. Tatoos of a girl on left arm, man on right arm. Address 1650 Hastings St. Wounded by GSW (left hand, back and right leg) 26th June 1916 at Wimereaux, appears to of received a medical discharge as returned to Canada in December 1916. Cond'n  VF $275
  16. Lieutenant G. K. Brown, Canadian Field Artillery
    1914-15 Star (83512 Gnr: G. K. Brown. Can: Fd: Art:); British War and Victory Medals (Lieut. G. K. Brown.) Dispaly mounted on silk ribbons, good very fine $350
  17. Acting Sergeant E. Giddens, 3rd Canadian Infantry 1914-15 Star (9198 Pte. E. Giddens. 3/Can: Inf:); British War and Victory Medals (9198 A. Sjt. E. Giddens. 3-Can. Inf.) . Edmond Giddens was born at Cobourg, Ontario in April 1892, (docs on ancestry show 1894) he was a Clerk with 5 years prior service in the Queen’s Own Rifles Canadian Militia Regiment. He was wounded on 8th October 1916 by GSW in the right leg. He appears to of moved to Niagara Falls, New York, USA with his wife Vera. attempt to erase the ‘Acting’ part of the rank on the BWM and VM, very fine. $280.
  18. 1914-15 Star, BWM; Allied VM (Bilingual) Burg. O.W. Bergh. Heidelberg Kdo. Scarce to unit, served in B Commando.  The unit served in German East Africa and was disbanded in 1915. With a copy of Index card showing medals despatched to Holgatfontein. His NOK lived at Eikenhof, all near Johannesburg. With some history of his ancestors coming from Sweden and being early Pioneers of South Africa. EF Condition, mounted on a card but with longer original silk ribbons$250
  19. Three: Private A. Kippen, Imperial Light Horse, later South African Service Corps 1914-15 Star (Pte A. Kippen 2nd I.L.H.); British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Dvr. A. Kippen. S.A.S.C.) Wirh service file, 15 pgs. Alexander Kippen was from Johannesburg, a Chaffeur by occupation, Hospitalized at 7 times for Malaria (served German East Africa) and thus medically discharged 21 Nov 1917 being "severley debilitated". VF to GVF, original ribbons.  $230
  20. Three: Gunner J. Montgomery, South African Mounted Rifles - Field Artillery Brigade 1914-15 Star (Gnr. J. Montgomery S.A.M.R. - F.A.B.); British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Gnr. J. Montgomery. S.A.M.R. - F.A.B.) 1 pg. Index card, first name James from Messina, Northern Transvaal. Good very fine, new ribbons.  $220
  21. Three: Private C. A. Colbourn, Ordnance Department and Railway Regiment 1914-15 Star (Pte C. A. Colbourn Ordnance Dpt.); British War Medal 1914-20 (Pte C. A. Colbourn. Railway Rgt); Bilingual Victory 1914-19 (Pte C. A. Colbourn. Ordnance Dpt.) 1 pg. Index card, Store Holder from Pretoria. generally very fine or better $220
  22. Three: Sergeant E. J. Owen, 10th South African Horse, late Brands Free State Rifles 1914-15 Star (Pte E. J. Owen Brands F. S. Rfls.); British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Sjt. E. J. Owen. 10th S.A.H.) generally good very fine $230
  23. Three: Private H. A. P. Dawson, 6th South African Infantry, late Brands Free State Rifles 1914-15 Star (Pte H. A. P. Dawson Brands F. S. Rfls.); British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Pte. H. A. P. Dawson. 6th S.A.I.) 3 pgs service record; Henry Alfred Paul, from Cape Town, Hospitalizations for Dysentery March 1916,. transferred to 9th Horse, Aug 1917 Hospitalized with Malaria. Generally very fine or better with new ribbons  $230
  24. Three: Private C. A. Delport, 5th South African Infantry 1914-15 Star (Pte C. A. Delport 5th Infantry); British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Pte C. A. Delport. 5th Infantry.) 1 pg. record, from east London. minor edge bruising, Good very fine  $220
  25. Three: Sergeant W. O. Ollis, South African Heavy Artillery, late 5th South African Mounted Rifles 1914-15 Star (Rfm. W. O. Ollis 5th S.A.M.R.); British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (A/Sjt W. O. Ollis. S.A.H.A.) ‘Cpl.’ on VM, With service records, 10 pages, Wilfred Oliver Ollis was from East London, Cape Province, units served in were 5 SAMR, 8 SAH, 7 SAH (Machine Gun Section), served during the Rebellion, German East Africa and West Africa, later France and Flanders after re-attesting in S.A.H.A. , generally Extremely Fine mounted on long silk ribbons in reverse order with ribbon bar attached.  $210
  26. Three: Private O. J. Lonergan, 12th South African Infantry 1914-15 Star (Pte O. J. Lonergan 12th Infantry); British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Pte O. J. Lonergan. 12th Infantry.) With 2 pgs of index cards, O.J. was from Doornfontein, Johannesburg, he would of served in GSWA, had Rheumatism June 1915, generally Good very fine on original ribbons.  $220
  27. Three: Corporal G. Engle, South African Heavy Artillery, late 12th South African Infantry, Brabants Horse and Frontier Light Horse 1914-15 Star (Pte G. Engle 12th Infantry); British War and Bilingual Victory Medals (Cpl. G. Engle. S.A.H.A.) With service File, Geore Engle was from King Williamstown, served in the Boer War in Brabants Horse, Frontier Light Horse, and was awarded a QSA Medal with clasps; CC, OFS, Transvaal and Wepener and also a KSA Medal. In WW1 was initially in the Pretoria Regiment in 1914 (12th Infantry) in GSWA,  reattesting in the Artillery in September 1915 he served in 72nd Battery, had several hospitalizations for dysentery, including service in France. Discharge 28th August 1919. Medals are generally very fine or better $220
  28. 1914-15 Star (Pte R. Ferris 7th. Infantry.); British War and Bi-lingual Victory Medals (Pte H. Ferris. 7th Infantry.), some contact marks, EF, pristine original silk ribbons. The 7th were The Kimberley Regiment and served in German SW Africa. $230
  29. 1914-15 Star (Pte J. C. Evans. 8th Infantry.); British War and bi-lingual Victory Medals (Pte J. C. Evans. 8th Infantry. (8th Infantry were The Transvaal Scottish) .GVF  $210
  30. 1914-15 Star (Pte G. L. Morcom Ntl. Light Hse.); British War (2nd S.A.I.) and Bi-lingual Victory Medals (Pte G. L. Morcom 9th S.A.I.), George Luxford Morcom was born in Johannesburg in the late 1890s. Enlisted with the Natal Light Horse early in the First World War and took part in the German South West African Campaign. He was lightly wounded in action during confused fighting around Gibeon in which an entire squadron of his regiment were taken prisoner. Later joined the 1st Reserve Battalion South African Infantry on 1 December 1915. He suffered severely from Malaria, at one point on 23 October 1917 being temporarily discharged as medically unfit. However he reenlisted on 23 July 1918 listing two years service with the 9th South African Infantry as previous experience. Discharged in Cape Town on 11 July 1919; with copied research. Unusual to have all three medals to different units. NEF, with silk ribbons $220
  31. Star named : - 533 PTE E. STOCKS. 31 BN. A.I.F., War and Victory Medals, impressed: 533 PTE E. STOCKS. 31-BN. A.I.F. - Ernest Stocks was born in 1895 in New Wakefield, England and enlisted on 12th July 1915. While with the 14th Field Artillery Brigade. He was Killed in Action on 14th October 1917. With electronic copy of the service file, containing several letters from concerned friends etc. NEF $1100