World Medals

Italy, Kingdom, Order of the Crown of Italy, Knight Grand Cross set of Insignia by Cravanzola, Rome


Spain - Order of Carlos III, Grand Cross Breast Star. Silver, gilt and enamel.


Japan - Russo-Japanese War Medal 1904-05


Japan - 1914-20 War Medal, Bronze


Japan - WW1 Victory Medal, Boxed


JAPAN Rising Sun 8th Class Medal Rosette cased


France - Medal for the French Family, Gold


Austria - Franz Joseph Silver Bravery Medal 1866-1917


Poland - Medal of Merit on the Field of Glory 3rd Cl.


France - Cross for Military Valour 1956


Cambodia, French Protectorate, 1896-1948, Royal Order of Cambodia Medal


FRENCH COLONIAL - Order of the Black Star of Benin, Grand Officer's Star Medal


Spain, Order of Charles III, Grand Cross Breast Star


Turkey - 1862 Montenegro Campaign silver Medal


Turkey - 1868 Crete Campaign Medal


Italy - Order of Merit Knight’s Breast Badge


Japan - Red Cross Merit Medal - Silver Issue


Spanish Royal Military Order of Saint Hermenegildo


Japan - Red Cross Merit Medal


Italy - Italian Libyan Campaign Medal 1913-14


Cambodia, French Protectorate, 1896-1948, Royal Order of Cambodia Medal - Officer badge with French ribbon


Bulgaria, Kingdom, Order of the Red Cross, Commander’s Neck Badge


China, Republic, Order of Clouds and Banner, Ninth Class breast Badge


FRANCE Medaille Militaire Medal, 2nd Empire, Crimean War Period


Japan, Empire, Order of the Sacred Crown, 8th Class Badge


Turkey, Ottoman Empire. A War Medal, Gallipoli Star, by B.B. & Co.