World Medals

Austria-Hungary, Empire, Order of St. Stephen, Grand Cross Star, c.1900


Bulgaria, Kingdom, Order of the Red Cross, Commander’s Neck Badge


Cambodia, French Protectorate, 1896-1948, Royal Order of Cambodia Medal


Cambodia, French Protectorate, 1896-1948, Royal Order of Cambodia Medal - Officer badge with French ribbon


Ethiopia, Empire, Order of the Star of Ethiopia, Knight’s Breast Badge Medal, by Sevadjian, Addis Ababa b


Ethiopia, Empire, Distinguished Military Medal of Haile Selassie I, Bronze


Ethiopia, Empire, 1941 Star of Victory Medal


France - Medaille Militaire Medal, 2nd Empire, Crimean War Period


France - Cross for Military Valour 1956


France - Medal for the French Family, Gold


France, Colonies - Order of the Black Star of Benin, Grand Officer's Star Medal


India - The Paschimi Star Medal, named to Gunner, Artillery


Italy, Kingdom, Order of the Crown of Italy, Knight Grand Cross set of Insignia by Cravanzola, Rome


Italy - Order of Merit Knight’s Breast Badge


Italy - Italian Libyan Campaign Medal 1913-14


Japan, Empire, Order of the Sacred Crown, 8th Class Badge


Japan - Order of The Rising Sun 8th Class Medal Rosette cased


Japan - Russo-Japanese War Medal 1904-05


Japan - 1914-20 War Medal, Bronze


Japan - WW1 Victory Medal, Boxed


Japan - Red Cross Merit Medal - Silver Issue


Japan - Red Cross Merit Medal


Poland - Medal of Merit on the Field of Glory 3rd Cl.


Romania, Kingdom, Order of the Crown, Commander’s Neck Badge, 1st type, 1881-1932, Civil Division.


Russia / USSR - Order of the Badge of Honour WW2 Medal


Serbia - Order of St. Sava Set, 2nd Class, Grand Officer, by Huguenin Freres, in case.


Spain, Order of Charles III, Grand Cross Breast Star


Spain - Order of Carlos III, Grand Cross Breast Star. Silver, gilt and enamel.


Spanish Royal Military Order of Saint Hermenegildo


Turkey - 1862 Montenegro Campaign silver Medal


Turkey - 1868 Crete Campaign Medal