WW1 British War Medals

British Naval Recipients


  1. F.12082. E.A. Osborne. A.M. 1 R.N.A.S. (only award) with card box and papers, GVF, $80
  2. PYL.1928-S- PTE.H.J. FREEMAN. R.M.L.I. With records, Herbert James was born 26/7/96. Enlisted at Bristol, a Railway Porter. After 3 months in France was KIA 26/10/17 with 1st R.M. Battalion. Commemorated on Tyne Cot Memorial. NOK Warmley, Bristol, Gloucestershire. NEF, v. short orig, ribbon, $110
  3. CH. 1916-S- PTE. P.J. HUSSEY. R.M.L.I. - With service records. Percy John Hussey, from Bourne End, Bucks. born 22 Sept. 1896, a Stableman, initially joined the Army but immediately transferred to R.M.L.I., was wounded 24.8.18 at Wimeroux, France serving with 1st R.M. Battn. - GVF - $60
  4. LT. COMMR. W. THOMPSON. R.N.R. NEF, 1916 Navy List shows William J. "Retired", needs research. $100 - SOLD



British Army Recipients


  1. 49021 Pte. J. Ashworth, Ches. R. VF edge bruising, $45 MIC
  2. 3886 Pte. W. J. Baines, R. Lanc. R. VF MIC, $45
  3. 4925 Pte A N Blaker R. Suss. R. VF - $45
  4. GS-42460 Cpl F J Gear R. Fus. -VF $40
  5. 31328 Pte W T Walker R Fus - GVF $40
  6. G 8261 Pte A Wickham R Suss R. - EF $50
  7. 175867 Pte. F. Redfern York Dns. VF - $125
  8. L-2651 Sjt. T. Clark. 17-Lrs. - GVF - $75
  9. 28732 Pte. G. W. Butler. R. War. R. - GVF - $45
  10. 305532 Pte. J. Griffiths. Lan. Fus. - 2nd/5th  Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers, Died 25th April, 1918 and buried at Houchin British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. - GVF - $90
  11. Capt. A. Burke, VF $75
  12. 46374 Pte. G. Ridings. Lan Fus. George Ridings originally enlisted into the Cheshire Regiment before serving on the Western Front with the 16th (Service) Battalion (2nd Salford) Lancashire Fusiliers. He was attached to the Trench Mortar Battery and was killed in action on 10 August 1918 in an attack on Damery Wood near Bouchoir. He is buried at Bouchoir New British Cemetery, France. EF $110
  13. 242099 Pte. C.F. Hodgkinson. Lan. Fus Charles Frederick Hodgkinson, a native of Masborough, Rotherham, originally enlisted into the York & Lancaster Regiment before serving on the Western Front with the 1/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was killed in action while in the trenches at La Bassée. He is buried in Gorre British and Indian Cemetery, France. About EF $100
  14. 39080 Pte. A. Stainstreet. Lan. Fus. Arthur Stainstreet enlisted on 16 November 1914 and served on the Western Front with the 3/5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He later transferred to the Mechanical Transport branch of the Army Service Corps. He was discharged on 22 January 1919 as a result of wounds. NVF, contact marks $45
  15. 14453 Pte. H. Horrocks. Lan. Fus. - Henry Horrocks served on the Western Front with the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was killed in action on 12 October 1916 during the battalion’s unsuccessful attack towards Le Transloy, where they suffered 345 casualties. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France. George Ridings originally enlisted into the Cheshire Regiment before serving on the Western Front with the 16th (Service) Battalion (2nd Salford) Lancashire Fusiliers. He was attached to the Trench Mortar Battery and was killed in action on 10 August 1918 in an attack on Damery Wood near Bouchoir. He is buried at Bouchoir New British Cemetery, France. VF, slight ek. $100
  16. 24042 Pte. J. Marshall. Lan. Fus. - John Marshall, a native of Boroughbridge, originally served with the 9th (Service) Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers and was later posted to the 10th (Service) Battalion. He was awarded the Military Medal (London Gazette 13 March 1919). Judging by other 10th Battalion M.M. winners who are both mentioned in the war diary and listed in the same gazette alongside Marshall, it is likely that he won his award for deeds during September 1918, while the battalion was in action around Gouzeaucourt. Charles Frederick Hodgkinson, a native of Masborough, Rotherham, originally enlisted into the York & Lancaster Regiment beforeserving on the Western Front with the 1/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was killed in action while in the trenches at La Bassée. He is buried in Gorre British and Indian Cemetery, France, NEF $100
  17. 4685 Pte. J. Kenworthy. Lan. Fus. - Joseph Kenworthy served with the 1/8th Lancashire Fusiliers, landing in Egypt on 29 March 1916. He proceeded to France with the Battalion in March 1917 and was invalided home 22 November 1917. He returned to the Western Front in September 1918 with 23rd(Service) Battalion and shortly after transferred to the 34th (County of London) Battalion, London Regiment. GVF dirty ribbon $45
  18. 10262 Pte. E. J. Evans. Lan. Fus. - Ernest Jones Evans served on the Western Front with the 2/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. VF, minor contact marks, $45
  19. 281053 Pte. W. Goulding. Lan. Fus. - William Goulding, a native of Heywood, Lancashire, served with the 2/7th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers in France from February 1917. He was killed in action on 14 July 1917 when his battalion came under artillery fire near Coxyde. He is buried in Coxyde Military Cemetery, Belgium. GVF $95
  20. 16538 Pte. B. Cartin. Lan. Fus. - Bernard Cartin served with the Lancashire Fusiliers before transferring to the Labour Corps. NVF $40.
  21. 4614 Pte. J. W. Hitchin. Lan. Fus. - John W. Hitchin served on the Western Front with the 2/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. VF $45.
  22. 10178 Pte. J. Anderson. Lan. Fus. - Joseph Anderson, a native of Salford, served on the Western Front with the 15th (Service) Battalion (1st Salford), Lancashire fusiliers, landing in France on 23 November 1915. He was later attached to the 21st (Reserve) Battalion and died at home on 27 January 1917 of Lymphoma. He is buried in Salford (Weaste) Cemetery, England. GEF $70.
  23. 12526 Pte. J.W. Burton. Lan. Fus. - John William Burton served with the 16th (Service) Battalion (2nd Salford), Lancashire Fusiliers, landing in France on 23 November 1915. He was later posted to the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion. VF $48.
  24. 5048 Pte. L.B. D'Aguilar. Middx. R. (also served in Black Watch, Leslie B., only award !) GVF $55
  25. P-10369 L.Cpl R.A. Norman M.F.P. - VF (MIC shows awarded a Pair) scarce to unit. $55
  26. 1495 Pte S.W. Wilson. Herts: Yeo. - GVF $100
  27. 1282 A. Cpl. E. J. Wood. M.F.P. GVF  $55
  28. P-9048 L. Cpl. W. A. Cox. M.F.P. GVF, Toned - $50
  29. P-7875 L. Cpl. D. G. B. Hunter. M.M.P. GVF - $55
  30. 1102 T. Sjt. J. J. Green. M.F.P. GVF - $58
  31. 321881 Pte P.J. Vass 6-Lond R. - Percy Vass was the Landlord of the “The Wellington” at 36 Vine St. Uxbridge, he dies on 1st Jan 1960, leaving an estate of 8634 GBP. – NVF with contact marks on the bust, $55
  32. 37282 Pte J. Hargreaves Ches R. - EF - $55
  33. 2.LIEUT. H.W. CATTLE.  - Henry Walter, served as a Private in the RAMC, commissioned, 29.6.17 in 13th Middlesex Regiment. Post war he went to South Africa and was an Abbatoir Manager , returned to UK in 1949. - ecopy of MIC available, GVF, edge nick on rev. $85,
  34. 4818 PTE. G. SIMPSON. S. GDS. George, with ecopy MIC, awarded a 1914 Star and bar, with info on a George Simpson, KIA WW2 24/11/42 in REME, from Salford, not known if same man ? - EF - $60
  35. MAJOR J. PARSELLE - John Parselle, born 25th March 1883, Lived in Rhodesia and London, son was an RAF officer Thomas Alfred Boyd Parselle, OBE, scuffed and little battered on a long orig. ribbon. His service papers are at Kew. $80
  36. CAPT. J.R. HOBSON - Joseph Reginald Hobson - Military Cross L.G. 9 Jan 1918 : "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty whilst commanding a party forming a strong point on an exposed flank. He collected and organised, under rifle fire, men who had become detached from their units, and organised the defence of a strong point during it's consolidation. It was due to his gallant bearing and utter disregard for personal safety that this most important point was made secure."MIC shows Qualifying theatre Middle East and residence Bristol, also awarded an M.I.D. Info on ancestry shows that he was an Architect residing in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and travelled back to the UK frequently with his family. He died on 2nd Oct 1968 at Bulawayo. Medal is GVF or better with a short ribbon. $260
  37. LT. E. BOWDEN - National Archives shows :- Lieutenant Ernest BOWDEN. The Lancashire Fusiliers. Dark toned VF, with e.knicks. $80
  38. 2.LIEUT. A.J. OSTLER - Albert John, served Lancashire Hussars Yeomanry, Worcestershire Regt attached Essex Regiment, MIC shows entered Egypt 16/6/18. Dark toned, EF with original ribbon. $85
  39. CAPT. L.B. COMERFORD- Laurence Bernard, born 2 Jan 1889 at Fulham to William & Sarah. Served in 2/18th and also 1/11th Londons. Applied for his medals 1920, then living in Putney. 1922 Marr. Margery Elsie Freeman, Bank manager, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, died 1925. With copies of Army Lists - EF/MINT $110
  40. 41556 Pte. H. Orr. R. Scots. KIA 4/6/17 Arras, 2nd Bn. fm. Glasgow. EF $85
  41. 24855 Pte. P. Lavery R. Ir. Fus.  (Patrick Lavery, awarded a Pair and also a SWB for wounds rec'd on 4/10/16 per MIC and SWB roll) - GVF - $75 - SOLD
  42. LIEUT. F. LAYFIELD, Cpl. Notts & Derbys., Frederick, Lieut. Mahratta Light Infantry and Indian Army Reserve of Officers. EF - $75
  43. 2. LIEUT. N.A. HADDOW. - VF - Nathaniel Alexander, served 8th East Surrey Regt. - France 23/9/18, MIC shows res. 16 Newman Street, W1. Probate shows died 1928 at Croydon Mental Hospital. VF - $75
  44. LIEUT. R.H.K. CLAY - Robert Henry Keating Clay, Born 1884, Rathdown, Ireland. MIC gives Capt RASC, awarded a pair, address post war was Stroud, Gloucester. His Brother served 7th Battalion CEF, res. Medicine Hat and was KIA 9 September 1916. GVF, original long silk ribbon. $70
  45. LIEUT. H.A. HORTON - Henry Arthur Horton, Roll shows from SAI to 4/K.A.R. with copy MIC - VF - SOLD
  46. MAJOR. J.D. CAMERON, James Donald Cameron was born 2 Feb 1886 at Blanche, Quebec and was a "Dredger Captain" by occupation when he attested in the 238th Battalion of the Canadian Forestry Corps. He served in England only so this would be his only award. He served in Carlisle and also in London at the Dept. Timber Operations C.F.C. - EF - $140



Canadian Recipients


  1. 458549 Pte. A.J. Hornett. 14 Can. Inf. - EF - KIA 27/9/18 Attested age 18, Ofice Boy, had Militia service with 8th Royal Rifles, born Woolwich, England. $150
  2. 435347 Pte. D. Duncan, 18-Can. Inf. (a 50th Bn. enlistment number) EF $75
  3. 344151  Pte Harry Down  CAN. TANK  BN. VF, (Cleaned) b. Murray, ON, 1889, res. Trenton, ON. $175
  4. 164263 Pte. H. Dallaway 75 Can. Inf. VF contact marks. A Carpenter from Sheffield, England. Attested at Niagara Sept. 1915. NOK Brantford, ON. $70. 
  5. 64293 PTE. F. KENYON. 75-CAN.INF. - EF - $75 
  6. 2765268 PTE. R.G. MCLEAN. CAN. TANK CORPS. - Ronald Griffin McLean was born on 3rd January 1899 in Toronto, Ontario and he joined the CEF on 7th May 1918. NVF - $160
  7. 3259707 PTE. H.E. DIXON. N.B.R. - Horatio Edward Dixon was a Farmer from St Thomas, New Brunswick and was drafted late in the war, arriving in England, he never made it over to France due to contracting Rheumatic Fever. - GVF, Toned condition - $60
  8. 237629 SPR. E. VAUGHAN. C.R.T.  Edward Vaughan was born on 3rd December 1871 in Shropshire, England and he joined the CEF on 24th April 1915. - GVF Toned - $60        
  9. 13813 Sjt. W. Waters. 5 - Can. Inf. - From Ballingar, Co. Dublin, Ireland, Occ. "Surveyor" 3 years prior service with "British Volunteers".   Attested Valcartier Aug 1914, NOK Vancouver. GVF $85  
  10. 29770 Pte. M.E. Beckett, C.F.C. - a Lumberman, b. 1896.  Jacquet River, N.B. 224th Bn attested April 1st, 1916, R.C. Medal GVF and dark toned with original ribbon and a pin. May be his only award. $60.         
  11. 66466 Cpl. R.H.E. Jordan R.A. Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal per London Gazette 11th March, 1916 "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He displayed great coolness and energy in repairing telephone wires under fire, and invariably volunteering for any work, however dangerous." NVF - $130  
  12. 406603 PTE. W.H. PACE. 19-CAN.INF. William Herbert Pace was born on 13th April 1886 in London, Ontario and joined the CEF on 15th April 1915 at Hamilton, Ontario, occupation “Moulder” so presumably employed in the steel industry. He made a statutory declaration regarding his name. On 27.8.18 he was wounded in the face and right leg. On 24.10.1918 he was awarded the Military Medal. $125 
  13. 841883 Pte. J. Low. 42-Can. Inf. James Low, b. Aberdeen. Married with (5) Children. KIA 13/3/18 - VF - $150
  14. 136507 PTE. C. SMALLWOOD. 2-CAN.INF. - Clifford Smallwood was born on 30 Sept. 1897 (he claimed but ancestry gives 1899) at Hove, Sussex, England and was employed in Farming when he attested on 30 Oct 1915 at Toronto, Ontario. He served in the 2nd and 1st Battalions in France, In December 1917 he was returned to Base as it was discovered that he was a minor. He was medically discharged in 1919. His son, was F.O. J.A. Smallwood and Killed in a Flying accident on 30 Nov. 1944 at Sutton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire on a Lancaster training flight and is buried at Brookwood Cemetery in England. His son was ex University of British Columbia as his family had by this time moved to Vancouver where his father was employed as a Travelling auditor with C.P.R. - GVF, dark toned $80 (service files for both are available, can supply copies for the add'n postage costs).
  15. 454700 PTE. F. ARNETT 2-CAN INF - Frederick, born Toronto. Served in 2nd Bn, 39th Bn, finally CAMC. Had various ailments from sun-stroke, Influenza, Epilepsy, he married in UK and was discharged in the UK. Died 1929 and a Memorial Cross, Plaque and scroll issued to his widow Florence, living at Brighton, Sussex, England.  Has been harshly cleaned, VF. $85
  16. LIEUT. M.A. GRAVEL - Marc Antoine Gravel was from Montreal, Quebec, b. 28 May 1896, Conducting Officer for Laval C.O.T.C. due to medical concerns he was not sent to France, thus his only award. Appears on the 1920 Census as a Professor. - Some vertical thin scratches on the King's bust therefore VF $100
  17. 175163 PTE. W.F. FLEMING. 3-CAN.INF. - William Ferguson Fleming was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 11th November 1878 and was a farmer and Member of the 44th Regiment Canadian Militia when he attested at Welland on 13 August 1915 in the 86th Battalion but was transferred to the 3rd Battn for service in France, He suffered from Trench Foot in 1917.He died in December 1955. GVF - $80
  18. 639475 PTE. W.P. LAKE. 2-CAN.INF. - William Perry Lake was born 14th Aug. 1892 at Westport, Ontario, he was a Labourer by Occupation when he attested on 10th Jan. 1915 at Brockville, Ontario. 3 Years service with the 47th Militia Regiment. He was wounded in the leg on 6/11/17 near Wimeroux and eventually medically discharged on 12th Noc 1918. - GVF - some contacting, susp. a little loose. $80
  19. 56195  A.SJT. J.E. WALLIS. 19 CAN. INF. - James Edwin Wallis was born 30 April 1891 at Winnipeg, Manitoba and was a Salesman by occupation when he attested on 3rd May 1915 at Toronto. On 19th June 1916 at Ypres he received shrapnel wounds to his jaw and face and was evacuated to England. His NOK was Lucy Wallis, Kingston, ON.  - GVF - $80
  20. 211103 PTE. P.M. OLMSTED. 20 CAN. INF. - Percy Milton was b. 14/6/1894 at Bismarck, Ontario and was a Clerk when he attested on 17/1/16 at Beamsville, Ontario. He was a Pre-war member of the 44th Regt. Transferred from the 98th Bn to 20th Bn he was wounded in the legs on 13/10/18. - VF - $80
  21. 257957 PTE. M.H. WELLINGS. 46 - CAN. INF.- Milton Hiram Wellings was born at North Nation Mills, Quebec on 6 Aug. 1891 and was a Farmer by Occupation when he was drafted at Regina, Saskatchewan on 7 Dec. 1917. He received a GSW in the back on 4 Sept. 1918. Was at Kimmel Park. Died at Calgary11 Sept 1895 - GVF Toned, $80
  22. 454771 PTE. A. ST. GERMAIN. 20 CAN. INF - Alphonse was born at Montreal, Quebec on 6th Aug. 1882 and ws a Driver by occupation when he att'd. on 10 July 1915. He was discharged due to Chronic Nephritis to a convalescent home in Montreal and died on 1st May 1919. Listed on Canadian Virtual War Memorial. - EF - $110
  23. 424525 A. CPL. C.R. ASHTON. 43 - CAN. INF, - Charles Roger Ashton was born Cardiff, Wales on 19 May 1880, he had prior service of 5 years with 11th Hussars and 2 years with Imperial Yeomanry. He was a Fishmonger by occupation when he attested 2nd Sept. 1915 at Winnipeg, Manitoba, originally with 45th Bn. He was blown up and buried on Sept. 1916 and admitted with shell-shock. Had a 30% disability due to injury to ankle - was discharged Sept 1917 but re-attested for treatment. Post war moved to 901 Hornby St. Vancouver, B.C. Was awarded a "King's Certificate". - VF - $75
  24. 669100 SJT. L.S. CURTIS. 75-CAN.INF. - Leonard Sidney Curtis was born on 30th June 1889 T Lowestoft, Suffolk, England and was a "Cutter" (Men's clothing) by Trade when he attested on 18 Jan 1916 at Toronto in the 166th Battalion. He had 3 years prior service with the Royal Norfolk Garrison Artillery. He was wounded twice in France and received 2 Gold Wound Stripes.  With copied attestation papers. - VF - $80
  25. 793105 A. SJT. W.S. FRASER. 26-CAN.INF. - William Stanley was born at Campbellton, N.B. and was a Tinsmith & Plumber by occupation when he attested at Campbellton on 20 Jan 1916. He served in several units 132nd, 104th, CFC and 26th Bn. - Was sick with Pleurisy at one time. He died 21 Nov. 1962 at St John, N.B. - NEF - $70
  26. 3083028 PTE. M.R. MCIVER. 24-CAN.INF. - Michael Robert McIver was born 25 Oct. 1895 at Montreal. He was Drafted on 10 Oct. 1917 at Montreal, occupation "Railroad man" and received a GSW to his thigh on 4 Oct 1918. - VF, one long scratch $70. - SOLD
  27. 410183 PTE. W.D. ROBERTSON. 38-CAN.INF. William Duncan Robertson was born on 10th Feb 1896 at Vankleek Hill, Quebec and was a member of Collegiate Cadet Corps and a Student when he attested on 22 Feb. 1915 at Ottawa. he was wounded at least two times, 9/10th April 17 at Vimy Ridge (R. Hand), 26th June 1917 (shrapnel in right forearm, severe) and was medically discharged10th May 1918 at Kingston, Ontario. With enamelled discharge pin, Dark toned medal, GVF - $100
  28. 145238 PTE. F. WHITNEY. 38-CAN.INF. - Floyd Whitney was born in Toledo, Ohio, USA on 17 April 1897 and was a Printer by occupation when he attested at Ottawa in Sept. 1915. (says Chauffeur elsewhere) Served in Bermuda initially, Wounded to left forearm and thumb (traumatic anuerism to left artery) 19 Nov. 1916 and discharged July 1918, NEF $75 - SOLD
  29. 410847 L.CPL. J.A. OUIMET. 38-CAN.INF. - Joseph Alfred Ouimet was born on 7th March 1885 at St. Rose, Quebec and was a 'Lumberman" by occupation when he attested on 27 May 1915, he was wounded at least twice including once at Vimy Ridge in April 1917 and was awarded a War Service Badge Class "A". - EF, $75 - SOLD
  30. 405406 PTE. J.H. ROTHWELL. 26-CAN. INF. Joseph H. Rothwell was born on 7th March 1885 at Salford, Lancashire, England on 6th Oct. 1887. He joined up on 13th Aug 1915 at Toronto, his occupation was recorded as Labourer but in his papers it states Carpenter. He was wounded on 30th April 1916 at St. Eloi, Belgium to the left elbow and legs. His wound to the arm became very septic resulting in an operation to remove necrosed bone. With copied attestation papers. - GVF - $75
  31. 147784 A.SJT. J.A. DOUGLAS. 5-CAN.INF. - James Archibald Douglas was born at Shelburne, Ontario on 23 Sept. 1891, he was a Bank Clerk by occupation and a Pre-war member of the Militia, 100th Winnipeg Grenadiers and 34th Fort Garry Horse when he attested on 10 July 1915 at Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was wounded in the right wrist on Sept 1916. - EF with a couple of small e.k., court mounted $80
  32. 410807 PTE. F.W. FORD. 2-CAN.INF. - Frederick William Ford was born at Montreal, Quebec on 24 Nov 1878 and was a Locomotive Fitter when he attested at Ottawa on 28 April 1915 stating that he was a Boer War Veteran having served with Remington's Guides (and also Damant's Horse per medal rolls) and pre-war was a member of the 6th Fusiliers. Initially he served with the 42nd Bn. Black Watch of Canada. (He earned a QSA with 5 clasps. He was charged with desertion in June 1916 and later wounded on 8th Oct 1916 (Buried by a shell) and died in 1921 of war related injuries, a Plaque, scroll and memorial cross were issued  - Medal is dark toned NEF with a long original ribbon. $100
  33. LIEUT. W.L. GRUNDY - William Lloyd Grundy was born 11th April 1886 at Chicago, Illinois, USA and was an Accountant by profession when he attested from the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders on 29th Sept 1916 at Vancouver, B.C. he served in France with the 1st Cdn. Divisional Trench Mortar Battery. he accidentally fractured his clavicle falling from a horse in Germany post war. - VF - $160
  34. 739687 PTE. R. ION. 52 - CAN. INF. - Reginald Ion was born 28 Oct 1886 at Carlisle, Cumbria, England and was a farmer by occupation when he attested at Hayersville, Ontario on 5th Jan 1916 initially in the 114th Bn. Appears to of been sickly with Myalgia, Rheumatism, Flat feet and also mentally retarded and was transferred to the CAMC after being returned to England. Probably was shell-shocked as became "shaky" after 3 months under shell-fire. - GVF - $75 - SOLD
  35. 2379923 PTE. R. HOWIE - Robert Howie was born in Bannfshire, Scotland on 18 Feb 1890 and was a Farm Helper when he was drafted at Winnipeg on 12 Jan 1918. On the 31st October 1918 he received GSW to his back and left leg. - NEF - $75
  36. 772460 PTE. P.A. HAXWELL. 4 - CAN. INF. - Percy Albert Haxwell was born on 1st Sept. 1893 at Brantford, Ontario and was a Farmer by occupation when he attested on 20th Dec 1915. he was hospitalized with Pleurisy and also Influenza. GVF, nicely toned. $75



Australian Recipients


  1. 6614 Cpl E. J. Harris. 20 Bn. A.I.F.- NEF - KIA 6/11/1917 Menin Memorial, Son of Jesse James and Annie Harris, of "Clarance," Minter St., Canterbury, New South Wales. Native of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - $240


South African Recipients


  1. Burg. G.V.D. Westhuizen Carnarvon Kdo. VF replacement ribbon  $75
  2. Sjt. B.H. Parker 6th D.M.R. VF original ribbon                          $50
  3. Pte. B. Wickham 9th Infantry VF  replacement ribbon                 $50
  4. L/Cpl. H.G. McKelvey 1st S.A.I. VF short piece of ribbon              $50
  5. Sjt. R. Primos 5th S.A.H. Contacted malaria in November 1916. With service documents.  NEF, toned   $60   
  6. 2 CL. W.O H.L. BOSMAN 18TH M.R. - VF - $55           
  7. Spr. A.W. Begg S.A.S.C.R.E. GVF $45
  8. Sjt. R. Primos 5th S.A.H. - Star and AVM missing. Contacted malaria in November 1916. Comes with service documents.  NEF, toned   $60  
  9. Pte. C.F. Maynard. S.A.M.C.C. GVF $75
  10. Rfm. H.R. Bousfield. 4th S.A.M.R. - VF $50
  11. Pte. A.H. Beukes. 1st M.C. VF (small test cut) $45
  12. Pte. W. V. West. 2nd S.A.I. GVF - $50
  13. British War Medal 1914-20 (Sjt D. D. Turpin. 1st S.A.I.), very fine. Dick Darrel Turpin served with the 1st (Cape) South African Regiment. He was killed on 20 September 1917 and is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial; together with copied CWGC cert. - VF - $100
  14. Sjt P.M.J. Oosthuizen. 6th S.A.I. - About VF - $50
  15. Burg W.J. Pieterse. 11de Z.A.I - GVF - $50
  16. 1165 Pte. E. du Toit. 1-Cape C.L.R. [Cape Coloured Labour Regiment] - VF - $40
  17. Pte. A.J. Cresswell  5th S.A.I. - VF - $50
  18. Lt. J.C. Manley. (with copy of LG page showing served in 7th S.A. Horse and relinquished his commission 28 June 1917.) - GVF, Dark toned, $90
  19. Pte F. Andrews. S.A.C.D.C. - GVF, dark toned - $45 - SOLD
  20. Pte W.C. Spiller. 1st Infantry - NVF - $45 - SOLD
  21. Pte C. Gunthorp. G. D - GVF - $50
  22. Cpl A. Johnston 5th S.A.I. (Alexander Johnston died 29 Jan 1917, buried Iringa Cemetery, Tanzania, Son of James and Elizabeth Johnston; husband of Doris Johnston, of 60, Oakfield Rd., Clifton, Bristol, England. A Subaccountant at Land Bank, Pretoria. Born at Edinburgh, Scotland.) - GVF $100
  23. Gnr. R. Nicholas C.G.A. (Robert Peter Nicholas died in Service 17 Sept 1919, listed on CWGC) - EF, dark toned. - $65



Indian Army Recipients


  1. 3695 Swr. Lal Din, 10 Lrs. NVF - $80
  2. 3163 Sowar Chandgi Ram, 5 Cavy., slack susp. VF Repaired test cut @ 2 o'clock. $80
  3. 2243 L-Dfdr. Niaz Muhd. Khan, 21 Cavy. GVF - $80
  4. 3738 L-Dfdr. Rustam Khan, 21 Cavy. F.F., with corrected unit number, About VF - $75
  5. 2272 Sowar Buta Singh, 6 Cavy. VF -$80 
  6. 758 Sowar Munur Khan, 8 Cavy. - attempted erasure of rank. VF -$75
  7. 2472 Sowar Narain Singh, 13 Lcrs. VF -$80
  8. 2229 Sowar Rai Singh, 13 Lcrs. VF -$80