British Colonial Insignia

Basutoland High Commission Territories Corps brass Cap Badge c. 1946-55


Basutoland Mounted Police Officer’s Cap Badge circa 1920’s


Calcutta Scottish Officer's Silver KC Glengarry Badge


British Guiana Medical Service KC Cap Badge Renfrew & Cranston Reference 127


British Guiana Militia KC Cap Badge circa 1902-48, Firmin Maker


British Guiana Volunteer Force Cap Badge circa 1948-52


British Honduras Defence Force scarce post 1928 Officer's Bronze Cap Badge


Federation of Malay States Volunteer Reconnaissance Corps Cap Badge


Gold Coast Geological Survey Gilt Pagri Badge


Gold Coast Government Railway Cap Badge


Malacca Volunteer Corps Officer's Silver Collar Badge


Malacca Volunteer Rifles Collar Badge


Royal Malta Militia KC Helmet Plate


R.W.A.F.F. Regiment Officer's Bronze Collar Badge


R.W.A.F.F. Regiment Officer's Gilt Collar Badge


Singapore Volunteer Corps bi-metal Cap Badge circa 1928-42, J.R. Gaunt London


St. Helena Rifles Cap Badge, circa 1914-1946


St. Helena Rifles scarce OSD Bronze die cast Cap Badge circa 1914-46


Shanghai Volunteer Corps Other Ranks Cap Badge, Renfrew & Cranston Reference 958


Singapore Volunteer Corps Collar Badge, 1928-42


Shanghai Volunteer Corps Other Ranks Shoulder Title "S.V.C."


Shanghai Volunteer Corps Field Artillery Battery Forage Cap Badge


Sudan Defence Force Cap Badge


Sudan - Equatorial Corps 1936 Hallmarked Silver Helmet Badge


Swaziland Police Officer's Gilt Cap Badge circa 1932-56


Trinidad Artillery Volunteers late Victorian OR's Helmet Plate


Trinidad Light Horse (Yeomanry) OSD Bronze KC Cap Badge


Trinidad & Tobago Police KC Helmet Plate


Trinidad & Tobago Regiment Officer's Cap Badge


Uganda Protectorate Gilt Officer's Helmet Badge


Uganda Protectorate Gilt Officer's Pagri Helmet Badge, Renfrew and Cranston 672


West India Regiment Officer's Bronze Helmet / Pagri Badge, Renfrews & Cranston 36


West Indies, Trinidad Volunteers Victorian Cap Badge


West Indies, Trinidad Light Infantry Volunteers Cap Badge


West Indies. Trinidad Volunteers Cap Badge circa 1902-45


West Indies, Trinidad Light Horse Cap Badge


West Indies, Trinidad Mounted Infantry Cap Badge


West Indies, St. Vincent Volunteers Cap Badge circa 1905-45


West African Regiment Officer's rich gilt Cap Badge