WW1 Victory Medals

British Naval & Royal Marine Recipients


  1. T.Z. 6832 W. SIBLEY. SIG. R.N.V.R. -  VF - $28
  2. S.A.2720 D. CASEY. SKR. R.N.R. Casey became a Trawler Skipper effective 1st February 1940. VF, In WW2 he was in command of the following Minesweeping Trawlers : HMS Touchstone, Star of Orkney, Loch Buie and Alexandrite. Short ribbon. - $60
  3. Eng. S. Lt. C. G. Will. R.N.R. With service record page, served on HMS Devaney Dec '17 until war's end. (a Fleet Messenger ship), Charles George Will was from Aberdeen.  EF $75
  4. Eng. S. Lt. A. Reid. R.N.R. - Alexander Reid served with the Royal Naval Reserve aboard HMS Menaleus (a kite ballon ship) with copied Service Record of 1 pg. - EF $75
  5. T/S.LT. (E) C.E. DONNE. R.N.R. - with 1 pg. record of service, Cecil Donne, 1917, Eng. Sub. Lt. Transport Service Cape Yard, EF, no ribbon - $70
  6. J.13900 R.L. O’DONNELL. L.TEL. R.N. (Richard Laurence, born Southampton, Hants. on 13 April 1896). He enlisted in 1911, joining HMS Ariel (an Acheron class Destroyer) on 12th May 1917 and was  KIA 02/08/1918 when HMS Ariel struck a mine on 2 August, whilst conducting minelaying in the western end of the Heligoland Bight, the V-class destroyer Vehement sank after striking a German mine. In attempting to exit the minefield, Ariel lost her bow and sank in less than an hour. (49 lives) were lost, including her commanding officer, Lieutenant Frank A. Rothera. Richard is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, with service sheet and CWGC. NEF $90
  7. LT.COMMR. R.K. PHILPOTT R.N. - Richard Knight Philpott was born 27 Aug 1882 in Brazil to Richard Courtney Philpott, a Merchant from Somerset. He joined the R.N. on 15 May 1897 and during WW1 served on HMS Black Prince, just missing her loss at Jutland, then was in command of HMS Eclipse. He requested to be placed on half pay due to defective vision but this was refused. He was promoted to Commander (Retired) in Aug 1922 and became a Coffee-planter in Kenya. He retired from the Navy in Sept 1939 and passed away in Kenya in March 1944, his estate took several years to settle. With e-copies of service record and other research available on request from the buyer. EF -  $110
  8. A.E. FISHER, ART. ENG. R.N. Albert Edward Fisher was born 6 April 1878 at Manchester, Lancs. and joined the Navy on 31 Oct 1911.. He served in WW1 on HMS Mars, Barham and Wallington etc. - an e-copy of service record available on request. Shows lived at Peverell, Plymouth, Devon. EF Condition, on long old original silk ribbon. $65
  9. ART. ENG. C.W. MORSE. R.N. - Christopher William Morse was born 19th Apr 1881 at Pembroke, Wales. He served in Late WW1 until 3 Dec 1937 and was recalled for WW2, serving at Kingston, Jamaica, promoted Lieut (E) Retired seniority from 11 Dec 1939. Has glowing recommendations and a note on his file from the C in C West Indies stating "Morse cannot be spared from Jamaica !!" He died on 30 July 1949 at Bromley, Kent, effects to his widow Jean Nixon Hayer. (with e-copies of 3 page service record and other info from ancestry). EF Condition. $80
  10. S.LT. E.J.H. FACEY R.N. - Edwin James Holroyd Facey was born 7 Jul 1900 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant in April 1921. Meanwhile he had been severely admonished "for his impropriety in borrowing money from a rating and carelessness in regards to money matters generally. He retired on 29 May 1922 and died soon after at Orleans France in September 1923, leaving a widow in Bournemouth. with ecopies of service and probate, he appears on ancestry also. NEF - $75
  11. ENG. COMMR. H. EVANS. R.N. Only one of this rank in the Navy Lists for WW1, Henry Evans. - NEF - $65
  12. CH1441-S- PTE. R.J. MAWSELEY. R.M.L.I. Richard Joseph  born 20 May 1893 Appley Bridge, Lancs. Wounded 26.4.17 (Right knee) and 6 Nov 17 (Fractured Tibia) with copy of service sheet - Mint - $75
  13. PO. 1898 -S- PTE. W.J. HARPER. R.M.L.I.  - William John Harper, born May Hall, Gloucestershire (NOK address) Occ. Blacksmith, 1st R.M. Battalion, wounded Right arm 21 Aug 1918. Copy of service sheet - EF - $70
  14. PLY 14515 PTE. R. STOKES. R.M.L.I. Richard Stokes was born 11th May 1890 in Wrockwardine, Shropshire. He enlisted 2nd June 1908 occ. Farm Labourer. He saw service on HMS Caernarvon, Suffolk and Impregnable. In WW1 he served on HMS Foresight until May 1918 then on Apollo. He was discharged 14th July 1922 but rejoined on 1st September 1939 serving in the Royal Marines until 28th October 1944. - with copy service papers and a CD - NEF - $60
  15. R.M.A. 1263 -S- ACT. CPL. V.H. SAUNDERS. - Victor Herbert Charles, born 25 July 1892, Hampreston, Wimbourne, Dorset, Occ. Gardener, Joined Royal Marine Artillery Nov. 1915 served in France in the Howe Brigade, wounded 30 March 1918, evacuated to England. He died abt. 1963 according to ancestry. With copied service record. - GVF - $70
  16. S.Lt C C Hewitt R.N.V.R. - Charles Clifford Hewitt, Seniority from 15 June 1918, served on ML 725 and also ML 92. - EF - $60


British Army Recipients


  1. 7024 Pte. E.L. Jones. 16-Lond. R. VF $40
  2. 1576 Pte. T. Jackson. A. & S.H. some staining GVF $36
  3. G-13150 Pte. A. E. Terrell, The Queen’s R, VF. dark spot, $33
  4. 16981 Sjt. W. Sherriff, Ches. R. MIC, also served R.W.F. VF $36
  5. 9942 Pte. S. Gray, L.N. Lan. R. - $38
  6. 29540 Pte. A. Thompson. K.O. Sco.Bord.  EF  $38
  7. S4-060076 S. Sjt. I.R. Butler. A.S.C. Staff Sergeant Ibsley R. Butler, served with the Army Service Corps during the Great War on the Western Front from 8.6.1915; Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette 24.12.1917) and awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (London Gazette 17.6.1918). NVF $80
  8. 21097. Pte. H.J.C. Bates. A. Cyc. Corps. (Cyclists) NVF $50
  9. 10983 PTE. G.L. JORDAN. H.A.C. - INF. GVF - $35
  10. 218397 GNR. W. THOMPSON R.A. EF (a few spots) $25
  11. 458870 Pte. V.W. Breeze, Labour Corps - EF, stain spot - $27
  12. 7633 Pte. R. Lumm. Bedf. R. - GVF - $35
  13. 553939 PTE. J. CRANSTON. LABOUR CORPS. - VF - $27
  14. 6534 PTE. W. VARLEY. W. YORK. R. - EF - $35
  15. SE-2570 Pte. C.E.S. Overton. A.V.C. M.I.C. shows awarded Trio. EF $35
  16. 33816 PTE. W.W. THOMPSON.  YORK. R. GVF, a few spots, $38
  17. 14819 PTE. J. JUDGE. R. HIGHRS. GVF - Silk Ribbon $38
  18. 34147 PTE. F.R. PHILLIPS. 20-HRS. MIC shows Francis MIC shows Francis R. also served 19/Hussars, R.R. of Cavalry (Reserve Regt.), C. of Hrs. awarded a pair only. NEF - $75
  19. 2.LT. C.S. HALL - With copy of CWGC showing several possible casualties for 2nd Lieut Charles Stauart Hall or Charles Sidney : 1st Bn Monmouthshire, KIA 12/01/17, 6th Bn Queen's, KIA 03/7/16, Royal Flying Corps, KIA 07/04/1917 with 60th Squadron. GVF - $110
  20. LIEUT. J.H. ELLIOTT  - John Henry, e-copy of MIC, Served in Bedfordshire Yeomanry, prom. to Sergeant, then Commissioned 18/12/17 in 20th London Regiment. Rec'd a SWB. (One other possible, Lieut in R.E. - 232 Army Troops Coy.) - EF - $85
  21. LIEUT. C.F. NEWTON - Cyril Frank, b. 1897 in Lambeth area of London, Private in 28th Londons, Commissioned 8 June 16 in 15th London Regt. Lt  8 Nov 17, awarded a SWB. - GVF - $85
  22. 2062 PTE. W. CLARK. SCO. RIF. Born Kirkcaldy. Formerly 3606 R. Scots. Served in 5th/6th Battalion. Only entitled to a Pair. KIA 16-04-18 - GVF - $80
  23. LIEUT. N. PINDER, Norman, initially served as 3251 Serjt. R. Warwickshire Regt, commissioned Lieut. North Staffordshire Regiment. ecopy of MIC shows awarded a SWB and res. Endington, Birmingham born 25 Oct 1893 and was a Commercial Traveller in Textiles on 1939 census. - GVF - $70
  24. 1399 A.W.O. CL. 2. J. WORTHINGTON. LANC. FUS. (last S faint) John, served in Territorials, Awarded a Trio, SWB and an M.S.M. (per note which came with the medal) 1st theatre was Balkans. SWB roll shows served from 16/4/12 to 11/9/18 and rank of CQMS. - GVF - $45
  25. GS-75070 PTE. W.C. KIBBLE. R. FUS. DOW 25-05-18 - William Claude Kibble served 10th Battalion , born Canning Town, enl. Whitehall, London, res. Canterbury. With Soldiers Died info and CWGC. St Sever Cemetery. - NEF - $70
  26. 55605 PTE. J. WARING. CHES. R. - also served in Labour Corps as 38625. NEF, some dark spots on rev. - $35
  27. 12396 Pte. H. Oldham Y. & L. R.- Harry Oldham was born in 1886 and enlisted with the 9th Battalion, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry on 30 August 1914 at Sheffield. Entering the war in France on 27 August 1915 serving here for the bulk of the war and was later posted with his unit to Italy on 20 February 1918. Demobilised on 20 March 1919. (no paperwork) - GVF - $35
  28. 192477 Gnr. A. M. Ormiston. R.A.; Alexander Mossman Ormiston was born at Midlothian in 1897. Entering the war in France on 18 July 1917 with 168 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery he was admitted to No. 91 Field Ambulance on 9 April 1918 having been gassed. Demobilised on 19 October 1919. - EF $38
  29. 8034 Pte. G. N. Rowsell. 1-Lond.R. - George N. Rowsell is entitled to a Pair, a Silver War Badge and also served with the Norfolk Regiment (No. 204467) - NEF on a good original silk ribbon - $40
  30. Capt R.T. Taylor - Closest match is Reginald Theodore Taylor, Served in the 19th Royal Fusiliers and commissioned 24/10/1916 into Machine Gun Corps. Address, Wisbeach, Cambs. - GEF - $90
  31. Lieut R.G.A. Chapman - 7th Divisional Train, R.A.S.C. - Died 01 March 1919 in Italy, Buried in Rome, His widow applied for his medals. Son of Wellesley Pole Chapman and Eleanor Chapman, of Dublin; husband of Helen Chapman, of 38, Westbourne Terrace, Paddington, London. EF, 4" plus of silk ribbon. - $120


Royal Air Force (R.A.F.) Recipients


  1. 138998. Pte.2. W. Hodgson. R.A.F. - EF - $45
  2. 199864. 3.A.M. J. Parker. R.A.F. - EF - $45
  3. 45384. 2.A.M. D. McLeod. R.A.F. - GVF - $42



Canadian Recipients


  1. 646214 Pte. H. Day. C.M.G. Bde. Harry Day was born at Hatfield Heath, Essex in Dec. 1889 and was residing on Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. when he attested in September 1916. He originally enlisted with the 158th Battalion but was sent to C.M.G. Brigade and served with the 4th Company in France, being Gassed on 7th November 1917. - VF - $65
  2. 1090197 Pte. O.B. Thompson, 75 Can. Inf, Oliver Bartlett Thompson came from Haileybury, Ontario, Occ. Bank Clerk, b. 1899, attested Jan 13th 1917 in the 253rd (Queen's University Highlanders) Battalion, served in France with 75th Battalion. He died on 20 Sept 1964. VF, v. short ribbon. $70
  3. 140075 Pte. H. Field. 14 - Can. Inf. Harry Field from Torquay, Devon, Labourer, pre war member of the 9th Mississauga Horse. Born Oct. 1883. Married to Edith who resided in Torquay still. Attested July 1915 into 75th Bn. Age 31. Received a  GSW to shoulder, and also shell-shock earlier. Full service file is on-line. GVF - $85
  4. 2356716 PTE. R.L. WHITLOCK. 1-CAN.INF. Robert Laird born Fairbank, South Dakota, USA, student, attested 3rd May 1918, his address at the time was given as Madison, Wisconsin. Medal is MINT Condition. $70
  5. 3230609 Pte. D. Pilote 4th Bn. (Drafted into 1st Central Ontario Regt.) Press Setter from Toronto, 4 years prior service with 48th Highlanders. Fine $60
  6. 7026 L. Cpl. D. Cullen 1st Can. Inf.  - KIA June 13th 1916 - David Cullen was b. London, England attested Dundas, Ontario in September 1914, having had 3 years prior service with the 77th Militia Regiment and 3 months with R.C.D.  An early enlistment. - GVF condition - $140
  7. 27994 CPL. W. ALLEN. 15-CAN.INF. William Allen was born on 29 Feb 1884 at Kingston on Thames, Surrey, UK, Occ. Clerk. He attested at Valcartier on 21st Sept 1914. Wounded in the arm severely and buried by a shell in June 1916. Did only clerical work after but stayed in until the end. GVF, spot on reverse. - $65
  8. 123959 A.CPL. J. MERRILEES. 75-CAN. INF. John Merrilees was born 24 Oct 1888 at Campbelltown, Argyllshire, Scotland. He was a farmer when he attested in September 1915 at St Thomas, Ontario in the 70th Battalion. He was wounded twice, NEF $70
  9. 3233459 PTE. N.A. MINK. 2-C.M.R. Norman Alfred Mink was born 23rd Dec 1896 at Chesley, Ontario and was a Machinist by trade when he was drafted on 6 Nov. 1917. His address was Union Ave, Montreal, Quebec.  EF Condition with a long original ribbon, - $65
  10. 623042 Pte. H. Ferguson, 1-C.M.R.;   Harry Ferguson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in April 1892 and enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Winnipeg in September 1915. Embarked for England, he joined the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles out in France and was killed in action at Maple Copse on 5 June 1916, while serving in ‘C’ Company. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, with brief research. GVF $150
  11. 3111024 Pte. J.J. Jones, C.S.E.F. (Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force) Jones was drafted to the 2nd C.O.R. Born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1883, he was a "Boilermaker" by trade. Served in No. 20 Co. Canadian Machine Gun Corps of the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force. - EF condition - $300
  12. 48606 Sjt. R.A.B. Wallace C.A.V.C. - Sgt Robert Alexander Baillie Wallace was born in Dublin, Ireland on 1st jan 1875 and enlisted in the C.A.V.C. at Montreal on 30 10.1914. Served in France with the 2nd and 4th Canadian Division Ammunition Columns. Discharged 1 May 1919, intended residence Dublin, Ireland. - VF - edge knocks, long orig. ribbon, scarce to unit. $140
  13. 3083556 SGT. A.C. THOURET. C.F.C. - Adolph Cedric Thouret was born at Montreal on 17 Sept 1896 and was a Bank Clerk when he joined up on 6 Oct. 1917 initially in the 79th Battery C.F.A. and then in August 1918 to 11th Co. C.F.C. - EF comes with a silver ID Bracelet. $85
  14. 693300 PTE. T.D.A. McMEEKIN. 43 CAN. INF. - Thomas Douglas Aiton McMeekin was born in London on 3rd Feb. 1887 and was a Schoolteacher by occupation when he enlisted at Winnipeg on 2nd Jan 1917. He was a member of the 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada Militia and had previously been a member of the 4th Oxfords (Territorials), Culham Coy. He was wounded twice, once by being gassed in August 1918 and also by a rifle bullet to his leg on 2nd Oct. 1918. He died 6 Dec 42 at Winnipeg and left his estate to a son of the same name, also a schoolteacher in Wales. - with extracts of his service file etc. - GVF or better - $70
  15. 56131 PTE. B.W. SELL. 19TH CAN. INF. - Benjamin Ward Sill was born at Stratford, Essex, England and was a Barber by trade. He attested 5 March 1915 at Toronto stating 12 years prior service with The Rifle Brigade and being 40 years of age. He had numerous infractions in the field and also 63 days loss of pay for hospitalization VDG. Wounded 25/8/16 right arm. VF, toned - $70
  16. 41501 BMBR. C.W. ELSSDON. C.F.A. - Charles Wesley was born on 28 Dec 1896 at Dorchester, New Brunswick and was a pre-war member of the 47th Militia Regiment and a Bank Clerk by occupation. He attested on 28th December 1914. He was killed on 28 September 1918 while acting as a Gun-Layer during an advance on Cambrai, when an enemy shell exploded about 500 yards away and all the crew became casualties. A piece of shrapnel pierced his chest below the heart killing him instantly. CWGC printout and circumstances of death. - Good EF Condition on a new ribbon. $125
  17. 166295 PTE, J. BROWN. CAN. PNR. BN. James Brown was born at Pemistone, England on 27th Sept. 1877 and was a pre-war member of the 97th Algonquin Rifles. He served in the 2nd Pioneer Battalion. - GVF - $60
  18. 428292 Pte. J. Fyffe. 7-Can. Inf. - John Fyffe was born in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland in August 1883. He served during the Great War with the 47th Battalion, Canadian Infantry on the Western Front, and died of wounds, 7 May 1917. The CEF Burial Registers gives - ‘Died of Wounds - (Shrapnel wound, left arm amputated) at No. 1 Canadian General Hospital, Etaples.’ Private Fyffe is buried in the Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. – EF - $125
  19. 428547 Pte. J. O’Neill. 7-Can. Inf. - William Alexander McNeill/James O’Neill enlisted under the latter name as an alias. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in September 1887. O’Neill served during the Great War with the 7th Battalion, Canadian Infantry on the Western Front, and died of wounds, 30 March 1916. The CEF Burial Registers gives - ‘Died of Wounds - whilst with his Company in the support trenches on March 29th 1916, he was wounded by shrapnel from enemy shell. He was immediately taken to No. 1 Casualty Clearing Station, where he died the next day.’ Private O’Neill is buried in the Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France. – NEF, some verdigris - $125
  20. 116168 A.C.S. Mjr. H. Brady. 47-Can. Inf. - Hugh Brady was born in Inniskillen, Ireland on 8 August 1877. He resided at 1550 Vine Street, Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia and was a Salesman by occupation. Brady had 12 years prior service with 6th Dragoon Guards (entitled to QSA and KSA Medals) and two years with The B.C. Horse as a Squadron Sergeant Major. He served during the Great War originally in the 11th CMR and then as a Company Sergeant Major with the 47th Battalion, Canadian Infantry on the Western Front. On 28th March 1917 he was buried by a shell explosion and was in hospital for 4-5 weeks with shell shock, headaches and neurasthenia which resulted in his evacuation to Canada and discharge with a 60% disability. He passed away on 23rd Aug 1959. – EF - $120
  21. 651958 Pte. C. D. Prosser. 47-Can. Inf. - Private Carleton Decker Prosser was born 11 August 1892 at Port Elgin, Ontario and was a Farmer by occupation. He served with the 32nd Bruce Regiment in the band, pre-war. In France he served with the 47th Canadian Infantry Battalion, CEF, following the breakup of the 160th Battalion in Feb. of 1918. – NEF - $80
  22. 790156 Pte. W. Ross. 47-Can. Inf. - Walter Owen Gait served under the alias of ‘W. O. Ross’. He was born in Peel, on the Isle of Man in January 1886. Gait resided in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. He served during the Great War with the 47th Battalion, Canadian Infantry on the Western Front. Private Gait was killed in action during the attack SW of Lens, 22 August 1917. He is commemorated on the Vimy Memorial, France. NEF - $140
  23. 77554 Sjt. D. Reid. 15-Can: Inf. - David Reid was born in Alloa, Scotland on 6 November 1888 and he enlisted on 10 November 1914 at Victoria, B.C. giving his occupation as a Rancher. He won the Military Medal for gallantry on 9th April 1917 at Vimy Ridge. His citation stated: “On the morning of April 9th, 1917, in the operations of the 1st Canadian Division, South od THELUS, Sergt. Reid showed great coolness and steadiness under heavy enemy shell fire and was a splendid example to his men. He successfully kept them men of his Section together in the advance and actually reached his firing positions without a casualty in his section. The guns of his section were all mounted and laid one hour ahead of the allotted time. During the two years he has been in France and especially during the actions on the SOMME he has conducted himself with coolness and bravery, and at all times showed sound judgement and strict devotion to duty." He was sadly killed in action on 15 August 1917, in the Attack on Hill 70 at Lens, aged 29, serving with the 13th Battalion, Canadian Machine Gun Corps and is buried in the Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery Extension. His Military Medal had been published in the London Gazette on 9th July 1917. He was the son of John and Elizabeth Mayne Reid, of 1 Grange Road, Alloa. - EFon original ribbon (photo in gallantry section)  - $400
  24. 654647 A. Sjt. R. Redfern. 47-Can. Inf. - Robert Redfern was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire in October 1882. He emigrated to Canada, and resided in Goderich, Ontario. Redfern served during the Great War with the 47th Battalion, Canadian Infantry on the Western Front. Sergeant Redfern was killed in action, 28 September 1918, when according to the CEF Burial Registers - ‘Killed in Action. While in charge of a section, and leading his men forward to the attack on the Village of RAILLENCOURT, he was instantly killed by enemy machine gunfire.’ Sergeant Redfern is buried in the Raillencourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France. – NEF - $150
  25. 349182 Gnr. J. A. Holmes C.F.A. - KIA 7 Nov 17. - John Alexander Holmes was born in February 1880 in Kingston, Ontario. His father was an Irish immigrant and his mother a Canadian. John married Annie Brisbin in November of 1901 and they would have 3 children. He was living in Whitby, Ontario and working as a fireman when he enlisted in July 1916. He initially enlisted with C Battery of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. He arrived in England in November of 1916 and underwent training at Shorncliffe. In April 1917 he arrived in France and after a brief hospitalization, was posted as a driver in the 3rd Divisional ammunition column. He was killed in action November 7th, 1917 during the ongoing Passchendaele campaign. He is buried in the Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No.3. - NEF on original ribbon - $125
  26. 441820 Pte. J. Patterson 2 C.M.R. - KIA 27 July 16, was born in Kippen, Scotland in November 1882. While living in the UK he served for 3 years with the Black Watch / Royal Highland Regiment before emigrating to Canada. He worked as a Teamster and lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Duncan Peterson enlisted in December of 1918 but did so under the alias of John Patterson (his brother) for unknown reasons. Initially he joined up with the 53rd Battalion but was separated as a replacement to the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles. During his time in the army he went AWOL for 3 days and was once fined for drunkenness. He joined the 2nd CMR in France in June of 1916, being tragically killed in action a little over a month later on July 27th.1916 well the unit was fighting in the Somme offensive. He is buried in the Railway Dugouts Burial Ground in Belgium. - EF, polyester ribbon - $150



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Indian Army Recipients


  1. 731 SEP. MANDAN KHAN 27 PJBS VF, some darkening - $24
  2. CAPT. C.B. RENDELL - NA Index gives Captain, 130th Baluchis - King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles) Also awarded an IGS 1908 Waziristan 1921-24 clasp - NEF - $90
  3. NO. 1313 L-NK. KHAN ZAMAN. 1/56/RFLS. F.F. - NEF - $35
  4. No. 202 SEPOY LACHHMAN, 52/SIKHS F.F. - GVF - $35
  5. No. 1302 SEPOY GULAB KHAN. 53/SIKHS F.F. - GVF - $32
  6. 3949 Dfdr. Gulistan Khan, 10 Lcrs. - GVF - $55



South African Recipients with the Bi-lingual Reverse


  1. Pte G. Arbuckle 4th S.A.I. (unit was shattered at Delville Wood) EF $140 - SOLD
  2. DVR. A. ROBINSON. S.A.S.C. - NEF - $80
  3. Cpl P.S.S Mitrovich  9th Dis Mtd Rfls - VF - $110
  4. Pte F.W. Stock 1st SAI - NEF - $110
  5. PTE. N. DUMAS. 1ST S.A.I. - Died of wounds 2nd Jan 1918, appears on British Jewry Roll of Honour on ancestry also, - EF with orig. ribbon - $220