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WW1 Military Medal with Trio to 28th Canadian Infantry, KIA 11th October 1918

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M.M. plus trio to the last original member of the 28th Can Inf to be KIA, 11th Oct 18, during the 2nd Division's attack at Iwuy

M.M. Named 73427 Pte. J.H. Belt. 28/Sask. R. Rest are :- 73427 Pte. J.H. Belt. 28th Can. Inf.

(John Henry ) Belt of Alyingly, SK (town no longer exists, only the cemetery does). 

All medals properly named. 



General Burstall, Second Division Commander, ordered sixth Brigade to capture the Village of Iwuy on the division's left, as part of a complex battle plan. This village was on the heights east of the Erclin River and was the key position in the German rear guard. The attack was expected to be tough, as the 18th battalion had been pinned down the previous day after gaining a toe hold across thedry bed of the Erclin. Lieutenant Doug Oliver of the 18th recalled that "the machinegun fire was so violent you could lie on your back and watch the berry bushes being clipped off above your head... We couldn't move at all."

At 9:00 AM, the Battalion assaulted the sprawling village of Iswuy (Iwuy) which was held by units of the German Ersatz Division. There was heavy street to street, house to house fighting. The 31st Battalion came in to support, making the capture of the village by midday possible. General Burstall's plans were eventually cancelled due to the delay in taking Iwuy and a counterattack on the Division's right by the Germans, who used seven German and captured British tanks in the attack.