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WW2 Military Medal to 5th Bn Highland Light Infantry

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WW2 Military Medal correctly named to 14391743 Pte M.H. Wroe M.M. H.L.I. graded good very fine, some light scratches in fields from cleaning.

Very unusually, this has been named with M.M. after his name. This has been shown to a number of dealers who confirmed its authenticity but with no logical explanation to the M.M. other than mistakes do sometimes happen. With a copy of his citation: -

 "At MOLENHUIS 16 Feb 1945. Pte Wroe's section was completely surrounded by the enemy and cut off from the rest of the platoon. The enemy assaulted closely, using grenades and supported by rifle grenades and Panzerfaust in a mortar role. They repeatedly called upon our troops to surrender but they refused to do so and fought the enemy off until dark. During this period the Sec Comd became missing, presumed wounded or killed, as also did the Platoon Sjt, who had been sent by the Platoon Comd to organise the Sec's withdrawal at last light. Pte Wroe and two other privates - both wounded - were the only known survivors in the section when darkness fell. One man, who was able to walk by himself, was directed back by Pte Wroe to the Coy position, about 1000 yards distant. Pte Wroe then assisted the other wounded man back - half carrying and half dragging him for 1000 yards, and reported to his Pl Comd at about midnight. Pte Wroe showed great courage, determination and devotion, and certainly saved one of his comrades from falling into enemy hands or succumbing to his injuries."

He was awarded an "Immediate" MM for his actions and his award was approved by Lt Gen Brian Horrocks commanding 30th Corps and Bernard Montgomery as C in Chief of 21st Army Group.