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Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840, (1) clasp, Banda Neira

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Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840, 1 clasp, Banda Neira

Awarded to : John Best

minor nicks, otherwise Good Very Fine

Sold by Spink in October 1899, Palmer Collection 1914 and subsequently DNW in 2007.

Approximately (68) clasps issued for the assault and capture of the Dutch Island of Banda Neira on 9 August 1810.

John Best served as a Landsman aboard the Caroline 36-gun sloop, commanded by Captain Christopher Cole who was awarded a unique gold medal for this action.

Awarded for the capture of the fortified Dutch island of Banda Neira - a bountiful spice island which had hitherto been considered impregnable.
On 9th August 1810, Captain C Cole, with HMS Caroline, Piedmontaise and Barracouta approached the island with a complement of 100 men of the Madras European Regiment, with the ships exchanging fire with the numerous batteries. Landing his troops in small boats, they managed to scale the wall with ladders and seized Fort Belgica, and soon after Fort Nassau, securing a large amount of treasure in addition to the possession of a highly profitable spice island.

Only (68) recipients for this clasp on the roll, and one of only (14) examples of this medal known to the medal market.  With a (hard to read) copied sheet from his service record confirming service on the ship, though I understand a better version is available on ancestry.