British Campaign & Long Service Medals > Punjab Medal 1848-49, 2 clasps, Mooltan, Goojerat to 10th Foot (Lincolnshire Regiment)
Punjab Medal 1848-49, 2 clasps, Mooltan, Goojerat  to 10th Foot (Lincolnshire Regiment)

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Punjab Medal 1848-49, 2 clasps, Mooltan, Goojerat  to 10th Foot (Lincolnshire Regiment)
Patk. Doherty. 10th Foot.
minor edge nicks, otherwise good very fine 
Patrick Doherty was born in Ireland circa 1821. The 1841 census shows him living in Sleaford,
Lincolnshire, employed as a hawker. He enlisted in the 10th (North Lincolnshire) Regiment, which
embarked for India in 1842. Following the British victory in the First Sikh War, the Regiment
formed part of the Lahore garrison under Major-General Whish (Medals sold in these rooms April
2018). Its task was to oversee the punitive peace terms imposed on the Sikh Empire following the
Battle of Sobraon. On 19 April 1848 the fortress of Mooltan, 200 miles to the south-west, rose in
revolt. Dithering by the British High Command meant that Whish’s force did not leave Lahore until
24 July, by which time Mooltan’s defences had grown stronger. The force sailed down the River
Ravi, uniting with Herbert Edwardes’ irregulars outside Mooltan on 18 August. On 12 September,
the 10th Foot were ordered to clear the enemy from a high-walled enclosure containing an ancient
temple. There were a number of fruit trees around the walls. Edwardes, watching the attack, recalled
seeing ‘the Irishmen of the 10th’ swinging over the wall on the branches of the trees. It is unclear
whether he assumed them to be Irish because of the proportion of that nationality in the regiment,
or whether he thought that only Irishmen would swing on trees like that! (Cook 1975, 133). Doherty
went on to fight at the Second Siege of Mooltan, resulting in the final capture of the city on 22
January 1849. He was also present at Goojerat, the crowning British victory, on 21 February; sold
with copied census records.