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Waterloo Medal 1815 to an Asst Surgeon, 18th Hussars

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Waterloo Medal 1815 to : Assistant Surgeon Quincey, 18th Hussars

Waterloo 1815 (Assist. Sur. John Quincey, 18th Regiment Hussars.) 

fitted with original steel clip and ring suspension, engraved correction to last four letters of surname, otherwise nearly extremely fine 

Provenance: Sotheby, January 1973.

John Quincey was born at Bourn, Lincolnshire, and was appointed a Hospital Mate for General Service in January 1812. He was appointed to be Assistant-Surgeon to the 18th Hussars on 5 March 1812, and served in that regiment until placed on half-pay on 24 December 1818. He served with the 18th in the Peninsula from February 1813 to April 1814, and was present at Morales, Vittoria, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Croix d’Orade, and Toulouse; he was also present at the battle of Waterloo. He returned to full-pay as Assistant-Surgeon to the 15th Hussars on 6 June 1822. His death, which occurred in Chancery Lane, London, was announced in The Bury and Norwich Post, 10 October 1827, ‘John Quincey, Esq., Surgeon to the Forces, aged 38 years’.