British Campaign & Long Service Medals > Candahar, Ghuznee & Cabul Medal, "Ghuznee Cabul 1842" to Capt. St. Clair, Bombay Horse Artillery
Candahar, Ghuznee & Cabul Medal, "Ghuznee Cabul 1842"  to Capt. St. Clair, Bombay Horse Artillery

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Candahar, Ghuznee & Cabul Medal, Reverse "Ghuznee Cabul 1842"  to Captain St. Clair, Bombay Horse Artillery, (born Halifax, Nova Scotia)


Ghuznee Cabul 1842 (Captain W. A. St. Clair, Bombay Horse Arty.)

Engraved in contemporary running script, with original steel clip and straight bar suspension, Good very fine

William Augustus St. Clair was born on 18 October 1810, the son of James Pattison St. Clair and was baptised at St. Paul's, Halifax, Nova Scotia. He attended Addiscombe, 1825-27, and was appointed a 2nd Lieutenant in June 1827. He served with the 1st Troop Bombay Artillery, 1832-35 and with the 4th Troop, 1835-44, he served in Afghanistan, 1839-40, at Ghuznee, 23 July 1839; Cabul, 7 August 1839, and Kujjuck, 20 February 1841. Promoted to Lieutenant in May 1833, he received the brevet of Captain in June 1842 for his service in the Afghan War. He attained the rank of Captain in July 1845, retiring in February 1851. He was a Freemason, being a menber of the Grand Lodge of England, Orion in the West whilst in India. In 1846 he married Emma Crawshay. 
He later at some point obtained a Colonecy, as on his Probate and Censuses he is listed as a Colonel. St. Clair died at Colney Hatch on 8 January 1879. Sold with copied Cadet papers and full service details.