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Croatian Air Force Legion Badge, WW2

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CROATIA WW2 - Badge of Croatian Air Force Legion


Badge weighs 26.2 g (0.92 oz) and overall it measures about 77-78mm x 37-38mm (3x1.5 inches).  

The shield is about 20mm wide horizontally and each wing is about 12mm thick as measured vertically at the shield. 

The Croatian Air Force Legion (Hrvatska Zrakoplovna Legija), was formed on June 2, 1941 as a foreign volunteer unit of the Luftwaffe with volunteers drawn from the Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska). The fighter squadron served on the Eastern Front with great success from October 6, 1941 - July, 1944; the bomber squadron from October 25, 1941 – December, 1942. The HZL was then absorbed by the air force of the NDH and fought on Croatian soil until 1945.