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Germany - WURTTEMBERG - WW1 Military Merit Medal

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Circular silvered medal with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with the head of King Wilhelm II of Württemberg facing right, circumscribed ‘WILHELM II KOENIG VON WUERTTEMBERG’, signature ‘K SCHWENZER’ (for Karl Schwenzer of Stuttgart) partially erased (no idea why this might be); the reverse inscribed ‘FÜR TAPFERKEIT UND TREUE’ (For bravery and loyalty) within a wreath of laurel; the surface has slight ‘bubbles’, probably from the time of manufacture; on replaced correct post-April 1914 ribbon and new ribbon ring. The medal was instituted in 1818 to be awarded for military merit. Wilhelm II became king on 6 October 1891 and the new version of the medal bearing his image was introduced on 26 June 1892. It was suppressed in 1918 when, along with all other German rulers, Wilhelm was deposed at the end of World War I. A very good example.

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