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67th Battalion (B.C. Highlanders) Officer's Right Collar Badge

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67th Bn (B.C. Highlanders) Officer's Right Collar Badge

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The 67th Infantry Battalion (Western Scots) were raised in British Columbia with mobilization headquarters at Victoria under General Order 103a of August 15th 1915. Though the regiment was a highland battalion only the Pipe band wore Highland dress (Douglas tartan) the battalion wearing regular infantry uniform. The Battalion sailed for England April 21st 1916 where it was redesignated as the 67th Pioneer Battalion. A Pioneer Battalion was attached to each of Canada’s Infantry Divisions from their arrival in France until the pioneers were absorbed into the Canadian Engineers in the spring of 1918. In all nine pioneer battalions were formed or converted from infantry battalions but only four served with the Canadian Corps at any one time. The 67th Western Scots served in the 4th Canadian Division until being replaced by the 124th Pioneer Battalion April 30th 1917 the remaining personnel being used as reinforcements. The 67th Battalion was disbanded under General Order 149 of September 1920, the 4th Canadian Engineering Battalion under General Order 192 of November 1st 1920.