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77th Battalion (Ottawa) Cap Badge, Tiptaft  

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77th Battalion CEF Cap Badge (Ottawa)

2 lug fittings,

Tiptaft Maker marked

Other Ranks voided pattern cap badge to the 77th Battalion CEF (Babin E.77, Charlton 78-4) maker marked Inglis (only partially visible) . The 77th were raised and mobilized at Ottawa effective August 15th 1915. The Battalion sailed for England June 16th 1916 where it was merged with the 51st Battalion sending reinforcing Drafts to the 46th (Suicide) Battalion and the 73rd (Black Watch) Battalion form Montreal. The 73rd Battalion was so badly mauled at Vimy Ridge in 1917 that it was withdrawn from the line and broken up for reinforcements for the 13th, 42nd and 85th Battalions, being replaced in the 12th Infantry Brigade, 4th Canadian Division by the 85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders). The 51st Battalion sailed for England March 4th 1916 and was disbanded as a unit September 20th 1916, those personnel not used as reinforcing drafts becoming Garrison troops.