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74th Battalion (Toronto) Cap Badge    

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74th Battalion (Toronto) Cap Badge


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The badge measures approximately 2  inches across by 2 inches in height.

Other ranks browning copper cap badge to the 74th Battalion CEF (Babin E,74, Charlton 74-4) maker marked Tiptaft B’ham). The 74th Battalion was raised in Peel and York Counties with mobilization Headquarters at Camp Niagara effective August 15th 1915. The battalion sailed for England March 29th 1916 where the unit was broken up and used to bring the 51st Battalion up to strength with drafts also going to the 52nd and the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, these assigned to the 4th Canadian Division, then in the process of forming. Being fully depleted of all ranks the battalion was disbanded September 1st 1917 under General Order 82 of 1918.