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51st Battalion (Edmonton, Alberta) (no Overseas) Cap Badge

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51st Bn (Edmonton, Alberta) (no Overseas) Cap Badge

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The 51st Canadian Infantry Battalion was recruited and mobilized at Edmonton January 4th 1915 being authorized under General Order 86 of July 1st 1915. The battalion was raised by the 101st Edmonton Fusiliers this regiment previously having provided 1247 volunteers to the 9th Battalion on its formation at Camp Valcartier in August 1914. Prior to the 51st Battalion sailing for England April 18th 1916 it provided two reinforcing drafts for the CEF the first of five officers and 253 other ranks embarking June 14th 1915 and a second of five officers and 250 other ranks September 11th 1915. (These drafts adopting the ‘No Overseas’ cap badge Charlton 51B-2 after their arrival in England) The 51st Battalion sailed for England with 37 officers and 1055 other ranks under command of Lieutenant-Colonel R. De. L. Harwood (101st Edmonton Fusiliers), where the battalion became the nucleus of the 5th Training Brigade under command of Colonel S.M. Rogers previously the C.O. of the 9th CEF Battalion. In January 1917 the Training Brigades were disbanded on the formation of the Reserve Battalions. During its period of operations as a training and reinforcing battalion the 51st Canadian Infantry Battalion absorbed personnel from 71st, 74th, 80th and 84th Canadian Infantry battalions. From January 1917 until demobilization the 51st Battalion served as Garrison Troops in England being disbanded under General Order 151 of 1920.