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63rd Battalion (Edmonton, Alberta) Cap Badge

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63rd Battalion (Edmonton, Alberta) Cap Badge

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The 63rd Canadian Infantry Battalion was authorized to be raised at Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Calgary with mobilization headquarters at Edmonton June 28th 1915 under General Order 103a of August 15th 1915. The bulk of the volunteers were provided by the 101st Edmonton Fusiliers this regiment previously having provided 1247 volunteers to the 9th Battalion on its formation at Camp Valcartier in August 1914 the regiments also later raised the 51st Battalion. The Battalion sailed for England in two flights the first of five officers and 250 other ranks September 11th 1915, the remainder of the battalion on April 24th 1916 under command of Lieutenant-Colonel G.B. Mcleod the total strength of 36 officers and 1018 other ranks. The 63rd Battalion was absorbed into the 9th Reserve Battalion in January 1917. In September 1917 the 9th Reserve Battalion was absorbed by the 21st Reserve Battalion this the reinforcing battalion for the Alberta Regiment this authorized under General Order 77 of April 15th 1918. The 9th and 21st Reserve Battalions supplied reinforcements to the 10th, 31st 49th and 50th Battalions serving with the Canadian Corps on the Western Front. Being fully depleted of all ranks the 63rd Battalion was disbanded under General Order 82 of June 1st 1918.