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MM142 - 43rd Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles Cap Badge

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MM142 - 43rd Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles Cap Badge


Brass, Victorian Crown,

voided style,

with 2 lugs,

excellent stamping and condition,

52mm high by 49mm wide.  

In 1881, the unit stood as the 43rd Ottawa and Carleton Battalion of Rifles with the Ottawa volunteer rifle company and a number of other companies located in Fitzroy, Vernon, Metcalfe, Aylwin, Eardley, and Wakefield. Over the next twenty years, its members would see action in the North-West Rebellion and in the Second Boer War. However, the Battalion sent only volunteers and never formed units. In 1902, the Regiment so impressed the Duke of Cornwall (later King George V) that he became the Camerons' first honourary colonel and allowed the regiment to bear his name. The new name for the Regiment was the 43rd Regiment, Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles. When the First World War began in 1914, the unit was mobilized for action. However, once again, the unit did not go overseas as a unit. Instead, the unit was used to recruit and train soldiers mostly for the 2nd, 38th and 207th Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The Camerons perpetuate the 38th and 207th Battalions. The 38th saw action in France from 1916 to 1918 and received many battle honours. The members who served were also well decorated. The 207th left in June 1917 for France and were used as a reserve force for many units. In 1933, it was renamed the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa.