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The Westminster Regiment Pre 1972 Cap Badge

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A QC OR’s badge to the Westminster Regiment.  The Queen’s Crown design would have been authorized circa 1953, but the regiment received a “Royal” prefix & resultant badge change in 1967.  There would have been some lag time with the badge changes, & this pattern may only have been worn for 10 years or so.  (In his book Cap Badges & Insignia of the Canadian Army 1953-1973, Roy Thompson gives the date of 1972 for the introduction of the “Royal” badge)  This is a briefly worn badge, but an important element in the evolution of this respected regiment.


This is an OR’s badge made of gilding metal.  Thompson reference Q113; Brooker reference QCCB. 113.  46mm tall by 50mm wide.  Slider type fastener is intact.  No maker mark.  Very good condition.