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5th Indian Division WW2 Embroidered Cloth Formation Sign, 3574

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WW2 5th Indian Division Embroidered Cloth Formation Sign
In good condition with some age to it.
Circa 5.9 cm by 4.0 cm.
Jon Mills Ref. 3574
The 5th Indian Infantry Division was an infantry division in the Indian Army during the Second World War which fought in several theatres of the war and was nicknamed the "Ball of Fire". It was one of the few Allied divisions to fight three major enemy armies, Italian, German, and Japanese.
The division was raised in 1939 in Secunderabad with two brigades under command. In 1940 the 5th Division moved to Sudan and took under command the three British infantry battalions there and was reorganised into three brigades of three battalions each. The division fought in the East African Campaign in Eritrea and Ethiopia during 1940 and 1941, thence moving to Egypt, Cyprus and Iraq. In 1942 the division was heavily engaged in the Western Desert Campaign and in the fighting withdrawal to Alamein. From late 1943 to the Japanese surrender in August 1945 it fought continuously from India through the length of Burma. After the end of the war, it was the first unit into Singapore and then fought pro-Independence forces in Eastern Java..